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4 advantages of pellet stoves

Several modern means are increasingly used to ensure home heating. In the long list is the use of the pellet stove which over time attracts many users around the world. Are you unaware of the importance of this type of heating method? Discover here some advantages of using pellet stoves.

Ease of installation and use

Pellet poles are very practical devices when it comes to installation. However, it would be better to call on a professional in the field if you wish to install a pellet stove according to normative requirements. This person is able to carry out the effective installation of the module following the required safety rules.

Being able to easily use your equipment and adapt it yourself to your needs is the first requirement to be met by the user. Pellet stoves incorporate this notion. The module can be used in all rooms and does not require a conduit connection.

You have a dial on the top of your pellet stove allowing you to interact with your machine. You can therefore program the heating times and the desired temperature. A screw also allows you to adjust the pellet flow.

If it is equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, you can easily program it remotely or via its application. Please note, however, that it is recommended to adjust the pellet flow rate so that it is less than or equal to ventilation.

The ecological advantage

Respect for the environment is the main advantage that pellet stoves offer. In fact, the pellets obtained directly from sawmills do not contain any chemicals and have a neutral carbon content.

When burned, they produce little smoke and ash. This ecological aspect prevails over other categories of stoves, particularly log stoves.

High efficiency and autonomy of use

In terms of performance, pellet stoves are very renowned for their efficiency. On average, they provide a return of at least 80%. This is the guarantee of low greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, pellet stoves are the best in terms of autonomy as long as you ensure the availability of pellets. They offer on average 3 days of heating with pellets of 11 to 25 kg. It should nevertheless be noted that the frequency of loading pellets varies depending on how you use it and its power.

Easy maintenance

In addition to use, maintenance of your pellet stove is also made easier. Know beforehand that in order for it to function properly, you will need to ensure that it does not fill with ash. You can easily accomplish this task using a vacuum cleaner. Also take care to clean the smoke extractor thoroughly. These are maintenance operations that you can carry out yourself.

Annual maintenance is also required. It must be done by a professional in the field. This is responsible for cleaning the heating body and the heating pot. Although very brief, this intervention ensures the durability of your device through the complete maintenance carried out on it.

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