Complex on the face, what solutions to reshape it according to our desires?

In a society oriented towards image and appearance, many individuals gradually develop complexes linked to a physical particularity considered unaesthetic. Aquiline noses, breasts that are too small, prominent cheekbones or love wrists that are too large, the reasons to feel guilty are numerous and largely caused by the bombardment of retouched images of perfect bodies on our screens.

The complex on the face is unique in that it is difficult to retract for those who suffer from it. Our face is, however, what identifies us to ourselves and others and suffering from our appearance is a real ordeal which can lead to significant psychological upheavals and sometimes even to the worst extremities. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery is making enormous progress every day and allows us to see a more serene future for all those who suffer from a facial complexion. Explanations.

Forget your facial complexion with cosmetic surgery

Being self-conscious about your face is a largely underestimated handicap. Indeed, all social interactions are impacted. The emotional life, professional relationships and therefore the development of the individual suffer and can lead to a withdrawal into oneself that is difficult for the person to live with. However, cosmetic surgery makes it possible to overcome these constraints, particularly with lipofilling, a technique that is both simple and revolutionary.

The advantage of facial lipofilling lies above all in its very simple application.

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 It actually involves taking fatty tissue by liposuction from the thighs or stomach for example and reinjecting it into the face to restore it to the desired shape. This type of intervention can resolve all types of complexities on the face , from dark circles that are too marked to cheekbones that are too prominent, including an oval structure of the face, considered unsightly by the person.

Lippofilling, a revolutionary technique to free yourself from physical complexes

Lipofilling aims above all to restore confidence in the patient . Thus, this simple technique can also be used to fill certain wrinkles and help raise self-esteem . Concretely, the surgeon first performs liposuction of fatty tissues in the abdomen or thighs under local anesthesia. This operation is generally done on an outpatient basis but may possibly require a night in the hospital for the person to rest.

Once centrifuged and separated from the rest of the cells, the recovered fat cells are reinjected into the face using a micro cannula which allows the operation to be carried out without leaving any visible trace. The surgeon then works to distribute the cells evenly so that they take root among the tissues and finally facilitate the elimination of this facial complex that is so difficult to live with on a daily basis for those who suffer from it.

Aftermath of the lipofilling operation

Lipofilling is a very painless cosmetic surgery technique. This aspect is essential to understand how rapid recovery and convalescence is. We generally observe the appearance of edema within 48 hours following the procedure but this disappears quickly, generally between ten and fifteen days after leaving the hospital. In terms of reimbursement, lipofilling can only be reimbursed if it is considered an act of reconstructive surgery .

We can also observe the appearance of bruises at the injection areas on the face. These can appear in the hours following the practitioner’s intervention. Again, these will disappear over time. It generally takes between 10 and 20 days depending on the individuals and the nature of the operation. Finally, you will simply need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the first months and you can say goodbye to your complexion on your face!

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