Audencia Sciencescom, the Nantes school of communication and media

With the development of Internet networks, image has become an essential component of business success. Knowing how to master your communication is indeed extremely important, both in the field of public relations and marketing. It is therefore necessary for ambitious companies to be able to count on experts on the subject. And for training, there is a communication and media school in Nantes that meets all your needs. Presentation.

Communication, a dynamic sector rich in opportunities

Today, the trend is towards smoothing supply. The possibilities offered by the globalization of flows, the development of Internet marketing and the consumption habits of individuals have disrupted the practices of the world of work and little by little limited the possibilities of standing out through a product or service. To truly stand out, it is therefore completely necessary to master today’s communication codes .

Communication brings together a broad spectrum of skills, practices and know-how. Experts in this field must therefore benefit from training that is both specialized and versatile, rich and accessible. This is particularly what Audencia, a communication and media school in Nantes, offers, A communication and media school in Nantes serving your success

Communication training involves being able to offer the student public a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Indeed, a communicator expert can apply for very diverse positions. Some may be hired within a company to manage its reputation , others will be employed to optimize customer experience and engagement while still others may be entrusted with project management within the company. events for example.

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It was therefore important that a school of communication and media in Nantes embrace all of this knowledge and unite it around leading educational techniques. This is exactly the project pursued by the Audencia school, which offers specialized courses around the media, the influence of organizations , public engagement and even content production. An ideal springboard for aspiring communicators of all stripes!

Audencia Sciencescom, a school and much more

If this school of communication and media in Nantes is so appreciated, it is above all thanks to the richness and diversity of its educational content . To be sure to remain at the forefront of teaching, the structure relies on a faculty of 130 teacher-researchers but also on strong links with the business world to always meet the needs of the field. .

Furthermore, Audencia is also a network of graduates, placed in multiple organizations whose skills enhance the school’s quality. Its excellence is also put at the service of the development of the student world in France thanks to a foundation and multiple actions of all kinds. In short, Audencia is both an educational institution, a network of entrepreneurs and above all an extremely effective career booster!

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