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The green wall: the interior design trend

To bring nature into your home, it is possible to opt for the neo-bourgeois style. Mix and match between the 1930s and seventies styles, this style highlights flowers and natural materials such as rattan. The other decorative solution, besides terrariums and potted plants, is to focus on verticality with a green wall. An original and designer decor trend, the green wall transforms the interior into a green oasis. 

How to install a green wall? 

Installing an indoor green wall requires the installation of automatic watering. Then, the plants must be installed on an unalterable and impermeable wall to control the appearance of mold and deterioration of the wall. As for the choice of plants, although tropical plants acclimatize very well to the conditions of our interiors, their choice depends on the degree of exposure to natural light in the space. Of course, it is possible to use artificial lighting to encourage the development of plants. If the success of the interior wall greening project depends on these parameters, the trick is above all to call on a company specializing in the design and installation of green walls. The latter has all the expertise to transform a wall with this touch of green . From the entrance to the bathroom via the living room, the green wall will look great. And the cherry on the cake, she also knows how to maintain it properly. In short, to enter the fabulous world of green walls, there is nothing like a dedicated company. 

What are the advantages of a green wall? 

The green wall offers a new vision of ecological housing. A very fashionable concept, the green wall brings the space to life . Having nature that is abundant, generous and overflowing with life is in a way a miniature representation of nature at home. A touch all the more appreciable if nature is absent.

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 Decorative, the green wall is also ecological. Indeed, it helps to improve air quality, plays the role of thermal regulator while optimizing the sound insulation of the wall. In hot periods, it insulates the building from solar radiation and, in cold periods, it retains heat like a second skin. Appreciated for its unique biodiversity, its lightness, its finesse, its water saving, its thermal and phonic qualities, this revegetation creates a true ecological and sustainable garden. A real lung for our interiors , the green wall can also be installed by a professional on industrial roofs, store facades, restaurant interiors… and can also be rented to cause a sensation during an event. This touch of personalization allows you to win hearts and make an impression during an inauguration, a team building, a company party, a seminar or a trade show. It’s also a trendy tip to create buzz around the launch of a product .   

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