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Is A Checklist Essential When Moving To Brussels?

Do you want to put everything possible on your side for a hassle-free move? The secret: Most people use a moving checklist. You will know exactly if all the steps have been carried out correctly.

Here’s why a moving checklist is an essential tool for your move to Brussels.

What is a moving checklist?

A moving checklist or checklist is a tool for planning a move. Its content ? The important steps to follow to successfully complete your move. Its aim is not to put you in difficulty. A document that completes your memory and protects you from unnecessary stress.

The checklist was originally designed to prevent wasted time, mistakes, and distractions caused by the thought of having forgotten to do something. Hence his interest in moving to Brussels, where the process is long and the paperwork required is numerous.

Why make a moving checklist?

Moving isn’t just about packing up and leaving your old house. It also means getting organized and managing many other worries: emotions, stress, paperwork, etc. Not easy to find. Laying out all the steps to follow on a checklist is an arduous task, but it saves you a lot of trouble.

It helps you progress step by step through the many stages required by the Belgian administrations. You will gain in efficiency with each step you take. And you will save time. Your departure and installation in Brussels will be easier.

What lists to work well with a mover?

You opt for a move with the help of a professional. In advance, it makes you a list of your utility and transportation needs. Depending on your business, you should include in your checklist the list of equipment to rent.

For example, to move your fridge or your piano, note the rental of a lift or furniture lift service. If you rent a van or storage unit, you must write it down. By doing this, you are able to easily find a moving company in Brussels that best meets your expectations.

How and when to complete your checklist?

To design your checklist, you need to establish a list of steps to follow at different stages of your move.

Beforehand, procedures that require time should be prioritized. 2 to 3 months before your departure: this is the ideal time to start your checklist. For example, formalize your move with the municipality, inventory your belongings, initiate your departure notice, find a professional mover in Brussels, apply for a moving bonus, take your leave, notify your children’s school, etc.

Then you can list the tasks that depend on you. For example, packing your boxes. Finally, a checklist of people to inform of your departure, your company, your bank, etc. You see, making a checklist comes in handy. Make your change of home an enriching experience rather than a stressful one!

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