3 economic levers for successful business development in 2020

In 2019, nearly 4.5 million businesses powered the economy. New businesses are also being created on a daily basis. In all sectors of activity, competition is therefore tough. So how can you succeed in doing well? Discover 3 economic levers to adopt in 2020 to successfully develop your business.

Adopting good tools to optimize customer relations

Businesses should not rest on their laurels. They must always question themselves while nourishing their knowledge of the market. A good understanding of market developments allows professionals to adapt their offer in time to consumption trends, expectations and real needs of consumers.

Phoning, for example, is one of the tools that can be used to optimize customer relations. It can be used for prospecting, but also for conducting polls and surveys to better understand the dynamics of a market or the needs of your customers. To put phoning to work for you, a platform such as JobPhoning can be useful to you. This French company offers B2B prospecting files and puts you in contact with professional teleprospectors if you need them.

In addition, you should not hesitate to use management software and other powerful tools that technology makes available to you. Whatever your field of activity, for example, you can make the most of chatbots and artificial intelligence . You will thus be able to offer a unique user experience to each of your customers, in order to retain them and acquire new ones.

Innovate and target a niche

Innovation is an essential lever to dominate the competition. It is important to stand out from everything that is already done in your sector of activity. For example, you can move upmarket if your business already exists . If you’re just starting out, consider targeting a niche market.

Moving upmarket allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. While opting for a niche market allows you to avoid confrontation with the big companies that target a large audience . This is what ThemeForest did, for example, by taking advantage of the WordPress trend.

The company offers a marketplace where site owners can spend less to acquire high-quality code. Developers who design themes and plugins sold at reasonable prices can take advantage of the sharing economy to make substantial profits. The success of the platform no longer needs to be demonstrated. This is proof that innovating and targeting a niche audience is profitable!

Optimizing the profitability of human capital

Apart from marketing strategy, the quality of human resources is a key factor that can enable a business to grow or fail. It is important to surround yourself with competent and talented individuals who are experienced and well-trained.

However, your employees must be able to evolve in an excellent working environment where cohesion reigns between teams . Why not invest in their well-being at work? This will be an important motivator for them. So do not hesitate, depending on your budget and your sector of activity, to:

  • Propose creative afterworks to your teams or beforeworks;
  • Adopt new ways of organizing the work space (open space for example);
  • Create a rest area (for a mid-day break, for example) on your premises.

Certain management principles such as those of the enlightened leader will also help you better capitalize on the potential of each member of your staff.

Ultimately, innovation and better management of human capital are reliable levers for developing your business in 2020. Optimizing customer relations with tools such as teleprospecting should also not be neglected.

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