Motivation, one of the drivers of success

Entrepreneurship Motivation is not just a professional challenge, far from it. It is essentially a personal test where the entrepreneur learns to know himself. We could very easily fall into the trap of generalization by reducing the entrepreneur to a typical profile who would follow a destiny already mapped out but that is far from ‘be that simple.


There are as many companies as there are entrepreneurs, as many career paths as there are individuals. It would undoubtedly be very risky to define what a person who decides to set up his own business is or must do.

We can nevertheless admit one thing: Entrepreneurship is never easy. For several reasons. First of all, time. A business is above all a process that takes a lot of time. From the idea to implementation, including its management, the creation of a business is always a thrilling adventure with its ups and downs, its good news and its setbacks.

What if I stopped everything…

“What if I stopped now”, a small phrase that can have serious consequences. A little thought that has undoubtedly already crossed the minds of all entrepreneurs. It’s difficult to stay the course when problems pile up and solutions become distant.

A successful entrepreneur is one who knows how to move forward despite difficulties and uncertainties. Motivation is therefore an essential element for the success of a project. There are temperaments that are more optimistic than others, but fortunately, there are solutions to stay motivated.

A foolproof lifestyle

Being in shape allows you to be productive and enterprising. By doing your work every day, you manage to stay motivated because you see things progressing. This is why it is fundamental to maintain a healthy pace of life. Good nutrition, sports activity and a social life are essential. Entrepreneurs devote several hours a day to their project and do not always manage to find time to protect their health. This is a big mistake!

If we let fatigue and stress build up, we find ourselves being less productive and therefore less motivated! In the long term, this can jeopardize your business project. A balanced diet allows you to have strength and feel in shape. Of course, it is important to know how to have fun. The meal should be a moment of relaxation above all, so don’t hesitate to indulge yourself while cooking!

Sport and its many benefits will help you end your days with fishing and, above all, get a restful sleep. Another trap of entrepreneurship is taking the risk of compromising your social life. We are quickly tempted to work every day of the week, to no longer go out with our friends to work on our website…Once again, you have to know how to use reason.

Decompressing allows you to get back to work more peacefully.

The technique of visualization

Visualization through mental imagery is a technique widely used by sports coaches and personal development coaches. This technique consists of visualizing, imagining what you want to accomplish. As we do so, our brain absorbs this information and what it underlies. For example, athletes visualize themselves achieving their goal: This sends positive signals to the brain as well as the body. This also allows you to stay motivated because it somehow materializes the success of the project. Of course, it is not a miracle method but added to other techniques, visualization has its place perfectly.

There is no secret to staying motivated. You have to try different methods and see which one best suits your personality. Never forget that everything depends on you and you alone!

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