Training centers: what are the regulatory and technical requirements?

Training is one of the best ways to improve and succeed in your professional career. But for this, the training chosen must be of quality, adapted and by standards. Training centers are on the front line to meet such expectations. In this context, what are the regulatory and technical requirements that they must respect?

Datadock, the benchmark certification for training centers

Funding organizations must ensure that training centers can deliver quality support, under the 2014 training law and the decree of June 30, 2015. And, from January 2022, this is the Qualiopi certification which will replace the Datadock.

Help from professionals to obtain certification for the training center

Training centers can use the support of professionals, such as the services of SI Consulting , to facilitate obtaining Datadock and Qualiopi certifications . They allow you to benefit from training sessions to obtain these quality labels. These professionals not only provide you with the quote for Qualiopi certification, but also inform you about the stages of qualification, how the audit works, the treatment of non-compliance and the requirements of the National Quality Standard (RNQ).

What is the Datadock?

Datadock is currently a unique database, which takes care of listing professional training organizations capable of delivering quality training. This database allows the authorities in charge of financing to check the conformity of training organizations , by the standards of legal and regulatory provisions. This must also be about the various criteria and indicators relating to it.

To be able to benefit from training funding, it is appropriate for the various training organizations to submit the evidence for each indicator, in URL or PDF format, to the financing authorities. The latter then study the files submitted to them. Funding is only granted after positive feedback. To be referenced in Datadock, it is necessary to submit a file and create an account. To do this, you must have an activity declaration number in your possession.

Datadock and Qualiopi: commonalities and differences

The objective remains the same for Datadock and Qualiopi. Both certifications aim to guarantee the quality of the services provided by training organizations. By referring to the criteria relating to educational engineering, the dissemination of information as well as the competence of the speakers, we can deduce that the quality framework is approximately the same for both.

However, Datadock and Qualiopi certifications are also considered structurally different, even opposed. The Datadock corresponds to simple referencing and allows training organizations to prove their capabilities. On the other hand, the Qualiopi audit is part of a much more important process because the organizations responsible for training will have to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the RNQ.

It also highlights important new features. There are therefore no longer 21 indicators for Qualiopi, but 32. These changes concern the indicators:

  • 1, 4, 9, 23, 25, and 26 on the disability field;
  • 23, 24, and 25 on the establishment and operation of a city;
  • 30, 31, and 32 on the continuous improvement process.

Training centers will therefore have to comply with more indicators if they want to benefit from Qualiopi certification.

The specificities of Qualiopi, the future indicator of training centers

Qualiopi is a certification issued by a certification body. The auditor travels to the site to check the application of the provisions planned by the training organization in order to be in compliance with the RNQ.

From January 2022, “Qualiopi” quality certification will become an obligation to access public procurement. In other words, all organizations carrying out actions to develop skills and wishing to benefit from public or shared funds are therefore obliged to comply with the requirements of this new directive. This concerns in particular financing by a skills operator, by the State, by the Regions, by the Caisse des Dépôts et consignations, by Pôle emploi or even by Agefiph (Association for Managing the fund for the Integration of disabled people ).

Consequently, obtaining the Qualiopi qualification becomes an essential condition for all organizations wishing to offer training eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account). The organizations involved must implement numerous preparations and changes in a relatively short period. The first step is to find a qualified certifier. Only then is it possible to plan and prepare for the audit of training services?

The quality criteria on which Qualiopi is based

Certification aims to certify the quality of the process implemented by providers of skills development actions. This concerns training actions, skills assessments, actions allowing validation of acquired experience, or even apprenticeship training actions.

The audit is based on a framework of 7 criteria, broken down into 22 indicators that apply to all service providers (common core), to which are added 10 specific indicators (applying to certification training, apprenticeship …).

Procedures for informing the public about the services offered

They are concerned with both the implementation deadlines and the results obtained. Training organizations have been doing this for a long time on all existing communication media: websites, general conditions of sale, training programs, educational and financial reports, etc.

Precise identification of objectives

This criterion is essential for the services offered and the adaptation of these services to the beneficiary groups when designing the service. The assessment of operational skills is thus carried out at the entry and exit of the course.

Adaptation of services and reception conditions

This concerns support, monitoring, and evaluation of implementation for beneficiaries. The aim is to inform learners, reassure them, and anticipate any difficulties they may encounter. The expected objective is to limit dropouts during training.

Adequacy of means

The means used are educational, technical, and support provided to service providers. This point focuses on the arrangements made to ensure the favorable outcome of the training: educational resources, premises, teams, equipment, etc.

Qualification and knowledge development

The criterion put forward here is the skills of the staff responsible for implementing the services . Redeployment, which consists of restructuring both internally and externally, must be considered if necessary, namely at the level of the governing body, technical and educational teams.

The service provider’s investment

From the perspective of the service provider’s investment in its professional environment, a culture of excellence is essential. It is therefore necessary to use the latest educational and technological innovations, while remaining within the legal framework of professional training.

Collecting and taking into account assessments

The training organization must inquire about complaints made by stakeholders in the services provided. This quality approach aims to implement continuous improvement in the field of professional training . In this sense, it is necessary to set up an entity responsible for collecting grievances, comments, suggestions from learners, companies or even funding bodies.

In short, Qualiopi referencing, which will come into force next January, imposes numerous requirements. It is then up to everyone to take the necessary measures.

Qualiopi certified without Datadock referencing: how to do it?

If you are a newcomer to the field of professional training, be aware that a small step is required if you already have Qualiopi certification without having gone through the Datadock box. Indeed, to be referenced, training organizations will have to:

  • Make a new declaration;
  • Choose the “RNQ Qualiopi certification”;
  • Submit the evidence, namely the Qualiopi certificate. Datadock referencing is automatically acquired.

But be careful not to mix everything up! For organizations that are already Datadock referenced, this approach leads to a revision of the file . The delay can therefore extend up to 3 weeks.

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