Professional retraining: training to become an interior decorator

Following the health crisis but also thanks to the growing interest of in meaningful professions, we are observing a massive influx of employees into training. Professional retraining is stimulated by the various government measures which each year allow individuals with varied profiles to finally exercise their passion, while benefiting from remuneration for their work. Here is how to train to become an interior decorator .

Professional reconversion into a passion profession

The uncertainty that has hovered over our societies for a year already has only reinforced the feeling of gloom that characterized the work of many French people. Indeed, today many are looking for meaning in their professional trajectory and very few are satisfied with their job. Professional retraining is therefore an opportunity to finally be able to go to work calmly and peacefully, with the feeling of participating positively in the sustainability of our societies.

Thus, we have seen many training organizations step into the breach to offer innovative courses. The École Française is one of the most respected institutions in this area. His training as an interior decorator has a very special aura because it not only meets the professional expectations of a large number of individuals but also because it addresses a theme embedded in the tradition of our country. Training to become an interior decorator means perpetuating a typical tradition of French elegance .

Train to become an interior decorator

This is why we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm around the interior decorator training offered by the School. The idea here is to transmit advanced lessons around space planning , the assimilation of styles and materials or even “home staging”. The objective of the training is also to support enthusiasts who wish to expand their knowledge but also to offer a professional path to people in retraining .

Training to become an interior decorator via the French School allows you to learn and integrate the fundamental rules of design and layout, with the ultimate goal of creating profiles capable of imagining, creating and carrying interior design projects. In particular, we explore the possibilities offered by specialized software to generate photos, plans or 3D virtual tours of each of the learners’ creations. And all this directly from home!

Advantages of the School for training

Training to become an interior decorator with the French School means benefiting from the experience of active trainers, knowing inside out the implications of the profession. In just four weeks , students explore all the fundamentals of design, the secrets of management and put their knowledge into practice during a computer-based design project. The quality of the knowledge is such that certain personalities, such as Jean-Louis Debré or Céline Lazorthe, have become promoters of the training.

Adaptability is also one of the keys to training success . Everyone is free to follow the courses at their own pace and according to their constraints. However, this does not impact the quality of the educational content which is also recognized by the State , but also by interior decoration professionals. Finally, it is very accessible because it can be financed through the Personal Training Account. Please note that 99% of learners did not have to pay a single euro to benefit from the training!

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