What are the different steps to redo an automobile registration document?

The registration document is the centerpiece of any motor vehicle. It is mandatory for free circulation and must be reissued in the event of damage, loss, theft or change of address of the vehicle owner. If you want to renew your registration document or simply know the procedure to follow to renew a registration document, this article is for you. You will discover the process to follow in 6 steps.

Choose a good provider

Since the entry into force of Decree No. 2017-1278 of August 9, 2017 relating to various measures for dematerialization and modernization of procedures relating to vehicle registration, it is no longer possible to obtain or redo your automobile registration document. with the prefecture or sub-prefecture. The formalities are carried out online with state-approved service providers. Unfortunately, not all of these providers are efficient and do not offer the same quality approach. Some providers are more professional and expensive than others while others offer good value for money. It is therefore necessary to know how to choose your service provider. To make your choice, consult review sites and ask for recommendations from your loved ones who have already made their registration documents online. which is today one of the reference providers in to obtain or redo your registration document online. On this site, you will benefit from a professional, personalized and transparent service at an affordable price.

Calculate the price

After choosing the service provider, you must now calculate the price of your registration document. On your service provider’s website, you will find a price simulator. Complete the fields indicated on the calculator using your old registration document. If you have lost your old registration card, you can ask for help from your service provider or your loved ones to guide you in completing the form. Once the form is completed, the simulator will display the total cost of renewing your registration card.

To order

This involves paying the cost of the registration document and the supplier’s service costs. Don’t worry about these payments! If you choose a good service provider, they will provide you with secure payment methods that comply with the European regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Send the additional file

The first step is to gather all the supporting documents required to complete your file. These parts are:

  • proof of identity;
  • proof of address ;
  • a technical inspection report for a vehicle over 4 years old;
  • the application for a registration document;
  • the transfer declaration and/or the transfer code;

Once the file has been created, download it from the service provider’s platform or send it by post.

Receive your provisional registration document

If you find all the required documents, you will shortly receive by email a registration receipt or a provisional registration certificate which will allow you to travel legally.

Receive your final registration

If you do not report any problems, your original registration document will be delivered to you by the Imprimerie Nationale in complete security and confidentiality. This will be done a few days after receipt of your provisional registration document.

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