Touring bikes: how to choose your urban bike for a ride in the city

Choosing a city bike is a bit like choosing in a shoe store. Many factors come into play and it is essential to inform yourself before making a decision. Depending on how you use it, where you live, your habits or even your aesthetic tastes, your preference will be for a particular type of bike.

To allow you to hit the road with complete peace of mind, we have compiled all the criteria to evaluate before selecting your ideal frame. With the increasing establishment of new cycle paths, the adjustment of the highway code and the stated desire of many towns to promote cycling culture, the bicycle may well (re)become the means of urban transport par excellence!

Contact bicycle professionals

When it comes to cycling, it is essential to turn to professionals . Buying a used two-wheeler on online ad sites may seem like a good deal at first glance, but beware of disappointment! If you don’t want to make constant trips to the repair shop and see the bill explode, contact the professionals., for example, enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to a comprehensive site and recognized expertise. Their professionalism blends with passion and provides the two-wheel community with supplies and a platform for expression.

The style of the touring bike

The touring bike proves to be the ideal choice for city dwellers looking for a bike adapted to city traffic conditions. Both comfortable, elegant and efficient , it facilitates travel without the disadvantages of mountain bikes, which are too heavy and unwieldy, or road bikes , which are too uncomfortable. Touring bikes offer an upright posture and unrivaled maneuverability for the cyclist. They allow you to cover large distances while maintaining a flexible pace, without requiring too much effort. Undeniable quality for all those who use their mount on a daily basis or during weekend walks.

A classic bike or a single speed?

Once the style is chosen, two possibilities are available to fans of the little queen. Classic bikes with a large number of gears or single speeds. The former facilitate movement in hilly environments. If you live in Chamonix and plan to go to the resort every day, we recommend this choice… Single speeds are recommended for speed enthusiasts. Note that they are different from fixies, since it is unnecessary to pedal backwards to brake, an important advantage because it makes their piloting more instinctive.

Urban cyclist’s accessories for the city

The tasks you assign to your machine are decisive in the choice of your cycling accessories. Daily trips around town to go to work do not necessarily require the use of a luggage rack or a basket . On the other hand, if you want to go to the market every Sunday and bring back your food by bike or go for long trips on the weekend taking the necessary items for a giant picnic, it would be rather interesting to take it into account at the time of choice!

The budget for cycling

Finally, the price criterion is often the determining factor in the final choice of your bike for touring. Above all, remember that a purchase price that is too low will sooner or later lead to repair costs. And keep in mind that a repaired bike is a weakened bike, whose components will suffer more and will need to be replaced sooner. However, nothing requires you to blow your budget, you can find excellent mechanics, durable and comfortable from 300doller!

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