Which Hangers To Choose To Save Space?

Hangers are one of the smart storage solutions. Not only do they keep your clothes wrinkle-free, but they can also keep them in good condition and present them aesthetically. Nowadays, you can even find hangers on the market that save space in the dressing room and that is what will be the subject of this article.

Flat hangers

First of all, we should start with the flat hangers. These are very practical models that prevent your clothes from slipping. They are very strong, so they can support even heavy clothing such as coats.

And thanks to their thickness, they take up very little space in your dressing room. Then, don’t forget that with their curved lines, they leave no marks on your fabrics and they help maintain the shape of your clothes after ironing.

Clip hangers

The second alternative is the use of clip hangers. These are perfect for storing pants, skirts, and items that are difficult to hang on traditional hangers. They also offer you significant space savings in your dressing room because they allow you to hang 3 or 4 items of clothing at a time.

However, note that these hangers are not suitable for clothes with fragile fabrics such as silk, satin or lace clothes. So you need to use a little protection before fixing them.

Space-saving hangers

Space-saving hangers are the next products to lift. These are practical and sturdy models that can support up to 15 kg of clothing. Unlike the classic hanger, a space-saving hanger can accommodate up to 12 items of clothing and it is not for nothing that it bears this name since it saves space.

It is a space-saving hanger that triples the space available in your dressing room or closet. And it can also bring an aesthetic touch to your storage space. Without further ado, discover a space-saving hanger that triples the space available in your dressing room.

Special belt and tie hangers

In addition, there are also special belt and tie hangers. These models can accommodate many belts ties and even other accessories such as laces and ribbons and they save space.

However, you are advised to always hang your belts by the buckle so that they do not become deformed. Then, also try to hang your ties correctly to avoid wrinkling them.

Curved hangers

Finally, it is worth mentioning the curved hangers. These hangers stand out for their shape and their non-slip side and they are available in different models including curved wooden hangers, curved metal hangers, and curved plastic hangers.

We can say that they save space since they can accommodate a jacket and pants at the same time, thanks to their horizontal bar. In addition, they have a small size which makes them not bulky.

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