Azure Training Certified By Microsoft To Master Cloud Computing Services

The 2010s are marked by the emergence of the Cloud era. The circulation of data in businesses essentially relies on cloud computing. With this in mind, cloud computing allows a company to reduce its on-site infrastructure. To master it, following Azure training is the shortest path. This skill becomes essential, especially in the field of Data Science.

Cloud computing: a sought-after skill in the digital age

Cloud computing is one of the technologies most requested by companies. A 2019 study reveals that companies and various institutions spent nearly $229 billion in this area. This figure could exceed $500 billion by 2023.

This new era of the cloud is marked by the emergence of several startups specializing in cloud computing services . Other IT giants, like Amazon and IBM, are taking the market by storm. Microsoft has a 19% share of this market thanks to its Azure cloud services. One more reason to add a new skill to your CV by following Azure training .

Azure defines itself as a public cloud platform. Microsoft offers many business services here. This involves the development of intelligent applications, the operation of remote servers or data processing and analysis.

Taking training in cloud computing is a real asset given that nearly 95% of the world’s 500 largest companies use Azure. Consequently, profiles who master this field are in high demand in the professional environment. Earning a Microsoft Azure certified degree opens many doors for you.

The different tools offered by Azure cloud computing services

Azure brings together nearly a hundred cloud computing services and tools for different uses. Companies favor this solution thanks to the existence of other well-established services like Office. Among the services available also include:

  • Machine learning which allows companies to develop algorithms to predict future actions. These predictions are based on past behavior. Algorithms make it possible to automate a significant number of time-consuming tasks for companies.
  • Tools available to enable businesses to develop their own mobile applications or desktop software.
  • Data storage on the cloud. Many companies lack space to install their server. Others do not have the means to deploy such infrastructure. Azure makes it easy for businesses to backup and recover their data.
  • Containers that can store applications and their components.

Azure certification: what is it?

Microsoft Azure certified training demonstrates that you master the tools to manipulate this Cloud. Certification represents a major asset for your CV. During an interview, you can use this argument to support your application. Such certification allows you to qualify for a more rewarding position and a more comfortable salary.

Azure certifications come in three levels, namely fundamental , associate , and expert . They cover all Azure services. Currently, there are 12 Azure certifications. Each corresponds to a particular function within a company, such as developer, data scientist, AI engineer or data engineer.

To obtain such certification, you must take an exam online or at a testing center. It is recommended to go through a training center first. These centers give you a mock exam at the end of the training to prepare you.

The different Azure certifications

Among the various Azure certifications, the AI-900 certification is one of the most popular. It covers an introduction to Machine Learning and an introduction to AI technologies. The latter represents a hub in the automation of business tasks.

For its part, the AZ-900 certification concerns initiation to data manipulation in the cloud. The training covers learning, data migration methods, data security or the use of databases.

The DP-100 Data Scientist certification allows you to deepen your skills in Machine Learning. The DP-900 Cloud Azure beginner level certification is for those who want to learn the different Microsoft Azure database services. Finally, the DP-203 Azure Data Engineer certification allows you to take training in data engineering .

Take Azure training

Microsoft Azure brings together more than a hundred cloud computing services to develop applications. Using this cloud is becoming more and more complex and requires specific skills. This is why taking Azure training allows you to occupy a more valued position and expand your skills.

In total, Microsoft lists around fifty Azure exams and certifications. Obtaining one or more certifications requires training provided in training centers such as Data Scientest. Azure training lasts five days, or even more depending on the certification sought. The training offered focuses on data security, data management, and pipeline development . You can also opt for intensive training.

The organization is part of the Microsoft Learning Partner program . This affiliation guarantees learners quality training provided by teachers who have great expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem. For their part, learners acquire Microsoft Certified Trainer status.

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