Forgotten Computer Password: How To Unlock A Computer Without Its Password?

When we set a password for our PC. We didn’t think that one day we would have forgotten him. It seems unbelievable but true, this disaster happened. We no longer remember the PC password, and we cannot access our operating system, what should we do? Format the computer? Not! We will lose all the data saved on the system partition. Because it is impossible to access the system to be backed up before formatting. So, what can we do in case of not remembering the PC password except formatting the system?

Before getting to the heart of the matter and discovering, together, how to bypass a password, it seems right to explain to you what are the main techniques used by programs to crack passwords, which we will talk about shortly.

Brute force

This is the most severe technique for discovering passwords, but sometimes also the only usable one. It involves trying all possible combinations of characters until you find the right one. As is easily understood, this requires significant computing power and, if the password to be found is very long and/or complex, a lot of time.

The dictionary

Allows you to find passwords by searching them in dictionary files containing thousands of words. One of its variants, called hybrid, intelligently replaces the characters of certain meaningful words with similar special characters.

User-created by Microsoft account

When you forgot your Windows password, you should be calm. With today’s technology, everything can be recovered. There are generally three methods to resolve this problem.

If your Windows account was created by a Microsoft account, you can reset your password by following the guide on the official Microsoft webpage. Contact the official Microsoft webpage. Enter your account. Click Next. Select whether you would like to receive a website link via email to reset your password or receive a code over the phone.

If it is impossible to reset passwords through the Microsoft website or the Windows account is a local account, to remove or reset its password, you must first prepare three important things:

  • A computer is working properly.
  • A blank key or CD
  • Renee Passnow.

Download Renee Passnow on the computer that works well.


The password on the Bios is often described as a secure password, which blocks access to the computer. While the administrator and user passwords are a little easier to overcome, the password on the Bios makes things a little more complicated.

First of all, for those who don’t know, what exactly is a Bios password? Without going into difficult details, this type of protection applied to a computer blocks the machine during the loading phase of the operating system. In practice, if you do not enter the correct password, the motherboard will not give you access to the operating system and will prevent any programs from loading.

The Bios is a small piece of software that governs the motherboard and the first interpreted language that the computer hardware refers to, then proceeds to load the entire operating system. By blocking this small software (firmware), it will then be impossible to access the computer.

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