Which Bluetooth speaker to choose in 2024?

At the office, on vacation or in the great outdoors, the Bluetooth speaker sets the mood. Listening to your favorite songs everywhere will be a real pleasure since the limits will be lifted with this device. To be able to make the best choice, identifying the models that are making waves in 2024 will be useful.


This model of Bluetooth speaker continues to seduce because the JBL brand, which is essential in this area, has understood everything. Offering a device for the general public at a reasonable price with JBL quality will convince. Its small size is perfect for taking it anywhere and the sound is always there to please you with each use. Its battery life of 11 hours will be surprising for a fairly small Bluetooth speaker. Available in a multitude of colors, its rubber material guarantees its solidity and resistance to shocks.

La Samsung Level Box Slim

The Korean brand has decided to offer a version that is intended to be ultra portable. Its design is also very nice since an acoustic fabric covers its entire surface to put the sound at the front. The tone will also be very convincing and Samsung therefore succeeds in its challenge of making its place in the field of Bluetooth speakers. Waterproof and equipped with soft touch buttons, it has many advantages. Connectivity is one of its strong points since it can be connected to several speakers but also to a home cinema. With 10 hours of sound pleasure without recharging, this service will be ideal.

L’enceinte bluetooth Anker Soundcore Boost

This latest entrant on the bluetooth speaker scene, however, managed to quickly make a name for itself. With a heavier and more imposing size than the competition, the emphasis is placed on sound quality and autonomy. The sober and elegant design indeed appeals to many people. Equipped with a hands-free kit, a microphone and with 11 hours of battery life, this Bluetooth speaker is very interesting. The pure and clear sound will convince all users and the well-balanced bass makes this model one of the most efficient at the moment.

The professional brand in the world of sound already lets you imagine the quality of this Bluetooth speaker. This complete review of the Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker will be useful to understand its level. Bose’s strong point is above all the sound which is clearly superior to that of other Bluetooth speakers. The bass is particularly stable which is an advantage. The clear treble puts this Bose bluetooth speaker at the top of the best in 2024. Its 6 hours of autonomy are, however, a little lighter compared to the battery capacity of other models. It is therefore more suitable for a music fan who will want to enjoy it both indoors and outdoors.

L’Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

The main strength of this brand is design and this bluetooth speaker is no exception. Looking like a little bomb, it will explode the sound for all people who like bluetooth speakers. Resistant to shocks and falls up to 1.50 meters, this astonishing little ball is waterproof and even has the power to float. With such a presentation, it is certain that it will appeal to all those who want to party in a very pleasant musical atmosphere. With 10 hours of battery life, this model lives up to its name since its sound quality is optimal.

La JBL Flip 4

Latest model offered by JBL, this speaker is one of the best-selling in 2024. Its tower which can stand upright or be extended provides a very pleasant circular sound. The sound, as always with JBL, is there with high quality mids. With bass capable of going down to 60 Hz, lovers of demanding music like rap or metal will have found the perfect Bluetooth speaker. Such a performance is indeed exceptional.

L’Ultimate Ears Boom 2

This version offered by the brand, now very popular in the field, made a notable debut in 2024. Its comfortably sized vertical speaker promises an extraordinary sound experience. Can be paired with 7 devices, it is certainly the best model for partying. Its Bluetooth has a range of 15 meters so you can change songs without having to stand aside each time. Practical, the sound fidelity is there with songs perfectly reproduced thanks to clear sound.

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