Women’s blouses: 5 tips for choosing the right cut

The blouse is a basic piece that all women must have in their wardrobe. Whatever its color, it can be worn for different occasions: work, outings, trips to town, etc. However, this item of clothing must be chosen with the greatest care to suit you best. Here are 5 tips to take into account to find the right fit for your body shape.

Discover the different models of women’s blouses

There is a wide variety of chic women’s shirts and blouses with which you can create many combinations. We thus distinguish the long-sleeved shirt, the denim shirt, the blouse … You are free to choose the length, style and neckline in order to accentuate its charm. There are also very trendy printed shirts which seduce with their careful details. Ideal for personalizing an outfit, they bring a touch of finesse to sober and classic looks. The prints are available in several patterns: polka dot, striped, with flowers…

When it comes to white shirts, they offer a classic yet elegant style that you can adopt for the office or the city on a daily basis. As for embroidered shirts in silk or lace, they bring more originality to your outfits. Whatever model or style you prefer,

Choose the blouse cut that suits your body shape

To choose your blouse cut, it is imperative to take your body shape into account. For H-shaped or androgynous silhouettes, a blouse with discreet ruffles will do the trick. These will add more volume to the chest, in a subtle way. Morphologies of this type are slender and must be highlighted by giving them more volume. It is therefore important to choose a fitted shirt which will also sculpt your upper body.

If you have broad shoulders and a square bust, you will need to lengthen your silhouette by rebalancing the volumes. To do this, opt for a flowing blouse or blouse that falls gracefully on the thighs. If you fear that it will be too wide, turn to a blouse without a button or a neckline to highlight your chest.

Women who have a petite waist, shoulders and hips can afford all types of shirts. However, to better emphasize your waist, choose a fitted shirt with high-waisted pants. The wrap blouse is also a good option.

For a stronger morphology and chest, fluid materials are preferred, because they do not tighten the shapes. Then choose a short shirt with a V-neckline that will highlight your chest. On the other hand, you will need to avoid oversized shirts that are too long, which will unevenly hide your shapes.

If you feel like your hips are too wide, there’s no point in hiding them. On the contrary, you will not have much difficulty highlighting them. A nice shirt open at the collar and tucked into high-waisted pants will be perfect. This will bring out your butt and hips in the best possible way.

Consider the material of the shirt

The design material impacts the comfort of the cut of the blouses. You must therefore choose a well-cut garment, but also designed with a flexible material to ensure great freedom of movement. We find shirts in cotton, wool, silk, polycotton, polyester, etc.

Cotton is the most used material in the textile world. Very soft to the touch, it constitutes a good insulator and can come from organic farming. We then talk about organic cotton. There is also cotton poplin which allows you to obtain a tailor-made shirt and wool which is most often used for winter outfits.

When it comes to silk, it is mainly used for designing ladies blouses. It gives a shiny appearance to the garment and is characterized by its great comfort and its often high price. This certainly makes it a pure luxury product.

Finally, women’s shirts can also be made of synthetic materials : polyester, acrylic, elastane, polyamide, etc. These are designed from the synthesis of chemical compounds. Polyester, for example, is very resistant to wear, but does not have breathable properties.

Choose the right sleeve length

There are three types of sleeves: short sleeves, long sleeves and three-quarter sleeves. The long-sleeved blouse is the most popular. They give a more formal side to the blouse and go with all outfits . To find the length that suits you, simply straighten your arm. A sleeve that is too long will create unsightly creases. The ideal is for it to stop at the wrist.

Pay attention to the cuff and 

You have the choice between classic cuffs, buttons, cuffs with cufflinks, etc. Neapolitan cuffs are most often aimed at trendy blouses. For the size, make sure it is neither too wide nor too tight.

As for the collar, in order to choose it carefully, take care to button it. The appropriate size should allow you to fit at most one finger through it. The choice will therefore be made according to the size of the neck. The larger it is, the more you will have to opt for a wide collar. In both cases, rigidity must also be taken into account. Indeed, the rigidity of the collar and cuffs gives a more formal look. For a more casual look, you can choose them more flexible.

You now know what points to take into account when choosing the right blouse cut for your body shape. For a wide variety of models, materials and patterns, turn to specialized online stores .

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