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10 tips for choosing the best swimming pool

A swimming pool in your garden? No, this is not a dream reserved for the richest. It is an affordable acquisition, even if you have a small plot of land and a limited budget. It’s a dream come true that will make you want to stay at home, even during the holidays.

1. Which pool to choose?

There is the above-ground swimming pool, of course. Less expensive than others, it is also less durable and shallower. The ideal is an in-ground or semi-buried swimming pool. For what ? Because they are simple pools to install. These  prefabricated swimming pools  are to be buried in the dug ground. They last a long time and are very waterproof. If this type of swimming pool is currently at the top of sales, it is no coincidence.

2. For an affordable budget

For these  prefabricated swimming pools  with a solid and waterproof shell, the price varies between 7,000 and 30,000 euros. This amount depends on the coating chosen, the shape of the hull, its depth, the company’s service or the added accessories.

3. Prefer a safe and economical coating

Polyester swimming pools are   the most popular. Polyester is compatible with all types of water treatments such as chlorine. In addition, it does not get dirty easily. The fact that the appearance of the coating is soft on the surface does not allow micro-organisms to cling to it.

4. Choose the location of your swimming pool carefully

It will be necessary to determine the place least exposed to bad weather, most hidden from prying eyes while being on land that is easy to dig. The ideal is to place your pool where the sun shines the longest. This location will be the subject of great family debates.

5. Opt for a small swimming pool

There are  models of small swimming pools  that will provide a relaxation area in your garden or interior. Priced between 5,000 and 10,000 euros, these swimming pools offer incredible added value to your home. 5 to 6 meters long, they are a place for family fun.

6. Choose the right shape

Triangular-shaped swimming pools have been on the rise for several years. They allow you to swim while being able to play with several people. Less common, lane-shaped pools are ideal for those who want to train lengthwise.

7. Check the filtration system

The system that works best is the sand filter. It requires a separate room but is very effective for storing impurities. Another possibility: the submerged filter block. It is very useful in small areas because it does not take up space.

8. Also invest in safety equipment

Shelter, tarpaulin, safety barrier or alarm: the law requires the owner to have one of these equipment for his swimming pool.

9. Make adjustments for greater comfort

By purchasing your swimming pool, you can upgrade it with a staircase, diving boards, underwater lights, fountains, etc. To be planned before purchasing because these options cannot be added afterwards.

10. Without forgetting the maintenance of your swimming pool

If you choose the  small pool  and hull models, maintenance will be done quickly. Robots are very popular because they clean the bottom, walls and water line. This is without counting the emptying of the swimming pool, at least partially, to be done approximately every three years.

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