Naruto sweatshirt: advice on choosing and wearing it?

The famous Naruto manga has revolutionized the world even in the field of clothing. To the delight of his fans, clothing like the hoodie is made in his image. In this article, discover tips for choosing and wearing your Naruto hoodie.

4 factors to take into account when choosing the right hoodie

Coming from the sporting world, the hoodie is designed to protect you from the cold. The Naruto Sweatshirt is particularly an innovative design to the delight of fans of the famous manga.

To dress well, several aspects must be taken into account when choosing a good hoodie. These include cut, material, style, and color.

The cup

The cut of your hoodie reflects its comfort. A hoodie should not be too shaping or too clingy. It must allow the possibility of putting a t-shirt underneath and encourage movement.

Opt for a very deep and thick hood. It can protect you in case of cold. The pocket should be deep, to hold a smartphone, even your wallet or a pair of glasses.

The length of your hoodie should be medium. It is best if the sleeve seam hits your knuckle. It should not exceed the area located between the wrist and the genesis of the thumb. Also, make sure your hoodie hits below the belt.

The material

A comfortable hoodie starts with fairly thick and heavy cotton, a denser and slightly compact material. On your fingers, the fabric used to make the hoodie should feel stiff on the outside, dry, smooth, and almost hard.

The synthetic fibers responsible for rigidity can be of small proportion but must be limited. Whether the fabric is brushed or terry cotton, the interior should be soft and fluffy.

The style

Choosing a hoodie involves taking style into account, particularly casual and formal. The formal style is suitable for work settings while the casual is a relaxed style ideal for going out. Of course, this one can also be adapted for work!

The colour

You can find hoodies in a variety of colors. Blue, gray, and burgundy are the most recommended basic colors. They are easy to combine with other colors (the color of jeans, basketball, kepi, etc.). The contrast of these colors makes your style stand out.

Tips for dressing well with a hoodie

There are several ways to put on a hoodie. You can pair it with a bomber jacket to go beyond a classic style. Putting a basic-colored hoodie with black jeans combined with nice sneakers will do the trick.

When it comes to protecting yourself from the cold, combining it with a coat is ideal. Opt for loose pants and sneakers to complete your look. It is also possible to combine it with a denim jacket for a casual style. The right hoodie color in this case is white or gray with tight jeans and sneakers.

Pairing it with a leather jacket is also perfect and remains the best way to stay warm in winter. It is best to combine it with slim jeans.

It is also important to point out that to dress well, it is useful to know how to choose the color of your clothes.

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