A Small Room In A Studio? It’s Possible!

The small apartment is often a big challenge in arrangement. Today we suggest in this article how to decorate a small bedroom or studio fashionably and comfortably.

Small apartments, big opportunities

The best way to utilize a small space is to minimize the number of furniture or choose custom storage furniture. It is also good to place cupboards over the entire height of the ceiling if possible. You can save space in the room by choosing the right door. Sliding doors are not only practical in a small bedroom but also very discreet.

Good sleep in a small bedroom

To optimize the space in your bedroom, instead of a traditional bed, consider choosing a foldaway bed (the Murphy bed). During the day, you can easily hide it in a chest screwed to the wall and use a cabinet on the other side. At night you can unfold it and sleep on it. In just a few seconds, without having to put it away every morning!

But be careful, despite these advantages, the Murphy bed is expensive and is mainly intended for rooms with high ceilings. We have a solution to this problem! You can create a small sleeping area by placing a glass roof in your bedroom. Thus, you will create a place for the bed that will be separated from the everyday living area.

A good place

And since in the space behind the canopy, there is not enough space for decorations, it is worth paying more attention to the walls. Choose wallpaper with a fashionable pattern and create a good atmosphere of rest and sleep. 

Decor in the small bedroom

Also, there are many tips for making your small bedroom bigger. A large mirror on the wall will light up the room and make it more spacious. The walls must be painted white. Dark colors make the room look gloomy and placeless, and we want to avoid that.

When furnishing a small bedroom, you need to be especially careful not to overdo it with the amount of accessories. Keep only necessary items in the room and if you want to put decorations there, hang them on the wall.

We would love to hear about your ways of decorating your small bedroom!

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