The trend for this year: the gabion for outdoor decoration

This year, the gabion is the big trend on walls, fences, retaining walls or any other element of exterior decoration. It indeed has many qualities which make it a material of choice for any work in the garden. Excellent sound insulation, with a draining and perfect windproof property, it can meet all possible needs in a modern construction while enhancing its contemporary aesthetic.

The gabion for all outdoor applications

By definition, the gabion is a metal cage padded with stones. In a way, this gives it its rustic side. And the different types and colors of stones available to fill it allow endless possibilities for landscaping a garden, although its original use was more geared towards major works.

The gabion is used for all kinds of works ranging from a terraced fence to a retaining wall where it is used to prevent erosion of sloping ground. Integrated into a modern architecture, it is perfect for the surroundings of a swimming pool by half burying it.

Among landscapers, its usefulness is much more decorative and it is installed in place of traditional walls or garden benches to give the latter a character that is both simple and modern.

The stones at the heart of the design touch of the gabion

It is obvious that the charm of the gabion comes from the beauty and naturalness of the stone of which it is composed. Outdoor decor experts know very well that you have to choose the right one so that the effect is more contemporary, without taking away the raw and rustic touch of the gabion.

However, you should not skimp on the strength and size of the stone at the risk of seeing it pass through the steel wires or break in the slightest winter frost. This is why the stones chosen only to design a gabion are the following: limestone, pebble, granite, basalt, schist, tuffeau and blue stone.

Given the variety of colors, a mixture of shades is also perfect for decorating a garden in a different way .

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