What Is The Meaning Of Moonstone?

In lithotherapy, we are as interested in the physicochemical properties of stones as in their aesthetic appearance or their curative virtues. The origins of this discipline, rich in a thousand-year-old history, are lost in the early days of the human adventure and each civilization has seized it to build its own cultural identity. Thus, the meanings of stones have evolved over time and beliefs.

However, despite these fluctuations in history, we notice that certain stones have retained a certain constancy in their uses and applications, regardless of the place of study of the practices. The meaning of moonstone , although it has indeed varied over the centuries, still remains quite consistent, which demonstrates a certain form of universal interpretation of its particularities. Explanations.

The millennial history of moonstone

The origins of moonstone , like those of lithotherapy, are lost in the mists of time. We know that the Egyptians and Romans already saw in them a symbol of femininity and associated it with the night star. This symbiosis between the moonstone and its heart made it a stone particularly appreciated by women who used it to limit the painful consequences of periods or childbirth.

It is also known that moonstone was essential during this time to promote fertility and marital happiness. Later in the West, lovers were recommended to place a moonstone in their mouth to glimpse their common future. The meaning of moonstone has been refined over time and today, wearing a moonstone ring is the prerogative of both women and men.

The meaning of moonstone according to civilizations

The meaning of moonstone is also linked to the civilizations that use it. The Middle East, under Roman influence, took up the ideas of their rulers and many women adopted moonstone jewelry to try to improve their married life. In India, this stone of fertility and happiness at home is particularly appreciated as a wedding gift since time immemorial.

It is also known that the Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka have their facades inlaid with moonstone , which symbolize the gradual transition from the condition of an ordinary man to that of a saddhu enlightened by the revelation of nirvana. Travelers have always carried moonstone because it would protect against danger, especially at night, and even more so if it could be reflected on the calm waters of a nearby river.

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Different varieties of moonstone

If the meaning of moonstone is strongly linked to the feminine concept , tolerance and love, it is still necessary to provide some clarification depending on the type of moonstone in question. There are a wide variety of moonstones and each of them has its own specific meaning in terms of meaning. Black moonstone is therefore more oriented towards mental abilities such as intuition or initiative.

The moonstone of Sri Lanka, more pearly and slightly greenish, is a powerful vector of knowledge which allows you to take a spiritual step and more easily access nirvana. We could also cite the “peach” moonstone, slightly orange, more focused on social relationships. Although they each have their particularities, they are still part of the same family and are therefore perfectly suited to profiles looking to improve themselves thanks to the classic moonstone.

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