How To Dress For A Chic Bohemian Wedding?

You’ve probably already heard of it, but what exactly is the “Bohemian chic” style? Not to be confused with the concept of the “Bohemian Bourgeois”, so often pointed out, this timeless trend has on the contrary everything to seduce the majority, by brandishing the standard of French elegance, at the same time taken care of down to the smallest details and falsely neglected. If the motto of the ceremony to which you are invited is to follow this dress code, here are some essential fashion ideas to make it your best asset.

The bohemian chic look: to unleash your imagination

Inspired by the return to nature, “boho-chic” gives a large part to authenticity and rustic materials in their raw state. Borrowing artisanal creations from the hippie community, fashion inspired by this movement is available in natural fabrics and different ornaments of hemp, wicker, raffia, or even inserts of elements of plant or animal origin such as shells, feathers, flowers, etc.

Focusing on layering, but above all on lengths and free movement in the wind, bohemian chic loves ribbons, long fringes and leather laces: if you are looking for an associated accessory that will make even the smallest of your outfits “trendy”, bet on a small bag with a long macramé strap, or even on high lace-up sandals.

Without forgetting the hairstyle: the boho-chic wedding exceptionally allows you to let your hair blow in the wind, not without embellishing it with flowers or fine ribbons expertly laced for a very trendy “combed-disheveled” effect!

The bohemian chic look for bridesmaid: carefree elegance

Being perfectly comfortable in your clothes and displaying a natural relaxation, while returning to the fundamentals that are most respectful of our environment in terms of the materials used, this is the challenge that a style sets out to take on that is becoming more and more important. of followers.

But there is no question of giving up that little “extra” of elegance which is the mark of every bridesmaid !

To be trendy in the bohemian chic line of ribbons and other laces, opt for dresses with thin straps, or even double straps. Ideally, the airy lengths should be profiled with borders of embroidery or tone-on-tone patterns, or even ruffles.

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Special mention for two details found among Bohemian dress proposals : the bodice with imitation macramé embroidery, and the opening slit on the leg highlighted with a long, finely worked border.

The Best Bohemian Chic Options for Female Guests

You may not have yet mastered all the infinite possibilities of this fashion trend, but for all that, don’t panic: if you are invited to a “Bohemian chic” wedding, here are some ideas to follow to be sure not to break the harmony.

First of all, and even if this trend derives from hippie inspiration, don’t go for risky color superpositions: focus on natural tones, associating your inspiration with the accessories you are going to wear (green with the grasslands, pink with flowers, blue with mother-of-pearl bracelets or other marine-inspired jewelry).

In terms of cuts, dare to use low-cut lengths, flowing fabrics, and favor ruffled necklines as well as Hellenic-inspired drapes. Avoid straight and rigid shapes: boho-chic weddings are definitely not the ideal setting for strict suits with fitted skirts!

Finally, don’t forget to complete your look with thin double belts, crochet shawls or scarves, and flying ribbons. And if you also wear handcrafted jewelry – whether made of wood, leather or shell – you will be sure to give the definitive touch to the most authentically chic style of eternal Bohemia!

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