How To Choose A Cashmere Vest For Your Well-being?

The cashmere vest is a soft and pleasant garment in any season. It is extremely soft in contact with the skin and protects you from temperatures down to -30°C. It is an essential wardrobe item to face the lowest temperatures. Find here some tips for making the right choice of your cashmere vest.

Take into account the quality of the cashmere vest

A good cashmere vest is generally recognizable to the naked eye. Buying a cashmere vest means  getting the perfect clothing to combat the cold. The vest should be flat, even, dense, but not too soft.

Indeed, when purchased, it is generally not very soft to the touch. A real cashmere cardigan softens over time. The more you wear and wash it, the fluffier it will be. If you notice that it is already too soft when you buy it, be aware that as it is washed, it will become damaged. Touch is a very determining aspect of the nature of your garment.

At first contact, it must also not produce an electrostatic voltage. If you find yourself in this situation, this vest is not 100% cashmere. It may be a treated vest to which synthetic fibers have been added. A good cashmere vest is a garment that improves in quality over time. When you choose it well, it can last for years without deforming.

Pay particular attention to the shape of the vest and its collar

The shape of the vest is a very important detail to take into account. When selecting your cashmere vest, make sure that it is not deformable between your fingers. Be aware that a good quality vest always returns to its original shape after being stretched. This should allow you to tell the difference between a good quality vest and a low quality vest.

Pay attention to the small details on the cuffs and collar of your vest. There must be straight stitches, these mean that the cashmere has been correctly stitched, but not cut and assembled.

As for the collar, there are several which vary depending on the collections and the origin of the vest. You will find some with V shapes, rounds, chimneys, vests and many others. You are therefore free to choose the one that suits you most.

The color of the cashmere vest

Choosing a good cashmere vest is not just limited to its quality. The different colors of this garment also play a very important role in its choice. Generally white or ecru, the vest must always be light. The more it has been tinted, the more it will lose its value. It will not be sustainable and you will have wasted your money in vain. It is therefore recommended to choose a vest whose shade is close to the natural color of cashmere, namely beige. Making this choice of color will allow your vest to keep its shine even after several washes.

The origin of cashmere

The origin of the material is an essential criterion to take into account. The best cashmere fibers are generally produced in China and Mongolia. The largest producer is China with nearly 10,000 gross tonnes followed by Mongolia. It produces fibers of excellent quality, the best available (around 15 microns for almost 3,000 gross tonnes).

The goats are in the most favorable climatic conditions to obtain ideal cashmere. In addition, this material is taken from the undercoat of these goats which, in winter, withstand temperatures of nearly -30°C. Apart from these two cashmere-producing countries, there are also other countries such as Australia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and the USA. So, find out the place of origin, it’s a rather enlightening detail in your choice.

Apart from all this, there is the label which, for its part, provides information on the origin of the material and its quality. These are represented by letters which reveal a lot about the quality of the material. The letter A is considered the best quality. It gives the details you need to indicate that this is the one for you. It is the thinnest, warmest and most pleasant to put on. The letter B is the second highest grade and the letter C is the bottom of the scale.

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