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What are the best cities to study languages?

Language learning has become one of the main subjects of study because in addition to providing knowledge, it allows you to acquire tools to get by better when it comes to traveling or even finding a more easily get a job. But at the time of learning with the advancement of technology, the teaching processes have become much more flexible, as today there are online courses. Despite this, others prefer training provided by institutes. Another option, perhaps a little more daring for adventurers, is to enter society and learn the language from the inside by doing a language stay abroad.

Where to go to study Spanish?

Buenos Aires, to study Spanish, is an unconventional experience where the study and walks around the city are in the same place so that the student learns more than just one language. Thanks to a language stay in Buenos Aires, the student can immerse himself in an entire culture. The courses are complemented by various excursions to the city’s districts.

Where to study English?

If the intention is to learn English, the destination par excellence is England, the cradle of this language, where the teaching refers to approximately 20 different cities to be able to continue a complete learning process. London, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, and Oxford are some of the cities that offer an unforgettable experience.

The cultural diversity and traditions that make up the history of the sites add to the different points that the student will discover throughout England, like the rest of Great Britain. Vocabulary and grammar reinforcement are given in everyday situations, while students have tea, browse the iconic red telephone boxes, or complete targeted activities for language practice.

Where to learn Portuguese?

If we talk about learning Portuguese in Latin America, Brazil is undoubtedly the destination to enjoy combining teaching and travel. Students will be able to discover the most beautiful places and incomparable beaches of Rio de Janeiro, with the best views and the joy that characterizes Brazilians with their songs and dances.

Another way to learn Portuguese is the origins of the language in Portugal, with three cities that will provide the students with everything they need to know, both about the local language, but also about culture local. Porto, Lisbon, and Faro are the three cities that allow students to enjoy the different attractions of the country, which has magnificent beaches, fantastic architecture, and gastronomy based on fish and seafood due to its situation on the European continent, on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where to study German?

If you want to learn another Anglo-Saxon language like German, you can choose Germany as well as Austria. In the first case, you can experience it in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Lindau, Munich, M√ľnster or Regensburg, while, on Austrian soil, Vienna, its capital, will be the epicenter for learning close to different cities emblematic places to visit such as Salzburg or Linz, or the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Language learning is certainly easier in the country of origin, which is why this mode of travel and learning has developed over time and this combination is becoming more and more common.

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