The Different Types Of Earrings From Designer Jewelry Sellers

Earrings, as their name suggests, are jewelry designed particularly for the ears. They are available in versions for women and for men but in general, there are more versions intended for women. Moreover, they exist in several varieties. Contrary to their name, not all earrings are round. Other forms are, in fact, possible.

In designer jewelry, there are models with different styles, clasps, shapes, etc. A quick overview of this pretty piece of jewelry particularly popular with women.


Half hoop earrings are jewelry in the shape of a semicircle. They do not have the shape of whole, closed rings but have an opening. They are generally wide. To enhance these accessories, the jewelry designer can add elements such as stones or crystals. They are also more elaborate than the traditional Creoles.


This is one of the most well-known shapes of earrings. These designer jewels have the shape of a ring with variable diameters. It all depends on the desire and taste of the person wearing them. Hoop earrings can be very large, medium, or rather small. They may also have decorative details or not. There are standard hoop earrings which are smooth and without decoration, square hoop earrings, rectangular hoop earrings, or even hoop earrings worked with a particular design and style.

The sleepers

Most of the time, these designer jewelry pieces are set with stones or decorative elements. They have a specific clasp made up of a rounded rod and a part that clips onto it. These earring models are particularly safe and comfortable for people who are afraid of losing their earrings or who are afraid of hurting themselves with them.

Ear studs

Also called stud earrings, ear studs are discreet earrings. These are designer jewelry intended for people who don’t like wearing too flashy accessories. They are also perfect jewelry for men who want to wear earrings that are not too visible. They are easily hidden behind the hair.

The clips

These designer jewels have the particularity of being easy to wear. These are earrings made for people who are afraid of piercing their ears. There is no need for holes to attach them. They clip onto the earlobe.

Les ear-cuffs

This is a recently released model. Much more than a simple pair of earrings made by a jewelry designer, ear cuffs are fashionable accessories that attach to two places on the ear. They are perfect for people who love extravagance and originality. Usually, earcuffs are not sold in pairs but individually.


As their name suggests, drop earrings are designer pieces of jewelry that hang down to the bottom of the earlobe. These are visible pieces of jewelry that offer endless styling possibilities. There are simple pendants and those decorated with decorative elements.

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