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Equipment for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension is a modern aesthetic method that allows you to emphasize the look and intensity in the best possible way. It acts as much on volume as on length for a more natural look than false eyelashes, but more stunning and more permanent than mascara. But for the application to be successful, the beautician needs specific eyelash extension equipment which we will show you below.

Eyelash extensions made from hypoallergenic fibers

Eyelashes are part of the eyelash extension equipment that you absolutely must have. Whatever type of fiber you choose, the most important thing is to focus on quality products. It is advisable to select eyelash extensions according to each person’s objectives and expectations. Their quality is that of the installation itself, so make no mistake. The preferred extensions are those that maintain their flexibility and curvatures at all times. They do not bend easily. They retain their natural appearance until the end. Opt for hypoallergenic synthetic fibers to preserve eye health.

Eyelash extension tweezers

Tweezers are also essential in terms of eyelash extension equipment. You need two for each application: curved tweezers to isolate the natural eyelash and straight tweezers to apply the eyelash extension. For a Russian volume technique or a 2D to 6D technique, there is a special tweezer for eyelash isolation. In any case, they must be thin, precise, anti-magnetic, and made from stainless steel. As for the flexibility and opening angle of each clamp, it all depends on your habits and preferences.

Eyelash extension glue

Glue is also essential in the list of eyelash extension materials. It should just be noted that not all glues you find on the cosmetic market are equal. Choose your glue taking into account the setting time which should not exceed 5 seconds, your process, the desired effect, and the price. A good glue has a curing time of two hours. In other words, it allows you to go to the pool or spa two hours after applying eyelashes. Furthermore, it is important to choose an excellent glue that costs around a hundred euros for 5 ml. You also have the choice between natural glue and black glue. The first has a natural effect, while the second has an eyeliner effect.

Eyelash extension patches

Patches are essential security tools. They are used to insulate the lower eyelashes and protect the lower eyelids. They also allow you to immobilize the upper eyelid throughout the application. They keep their eyes closed. In this sense, they are crucial elements for the application of eyelash extensions. The patches prevent small accidents. Patches are essential elements of eyelash extension equipment .

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