To take advantage of natural light: install pocket bay windows

You are in the process of carpentry work on your house, and you want to install quality openings that will bathe your interior in light. The pocket bay window is what you need. Currently very popular in new construction, whether it is aluminum or PVC it ​​will bring modernity to your home. By combining it with double or even triple glazing, you will benefit from optimal thermal and sound insulation while enjoying natural light.

Sliding bay windows or pocket bay windows, what types of openings should you choose?

You have decided to install numerous sliding bay windows in your home to bring in maximum light. A wide range of models is available, from the PVC sliding window to the aluminum pocket window, each has its advantages and disadvantages. To help you in your choice, do not hesitate to call on professionals. Indeed, even if you want above all an aesthetic and contemporary product for your project, insulation performance should not be neglected. Making the right choice for your doors and windows will allow you to save energy.

A pocket bay window, like a classic sliding bay window, allows you to benefit from the light and warmth of the sun. However, it is distinguished by its opening system. When you open a pocket bay window, the sashes slide inside the walls. Very discreet, it therefore allows total opening to the outside. Different types of models are available. For example, the single-leaf pocket bay window will be perfect in a kitchen to benefit from direct access to the outside. While in your living room or bedroom you will opt for bays with two or even three leaves, especially if they open onto a breathtaking view.

The custom-made pocket bay window, with aluminum frame

To benefit from great comfort without neglecting the aesthetic side of your home, the installation of aluminum pocket bay windows is the solution. Be careful though, even if they provide many advantages, their price remains higher than that of classic sliding windows. However, find out you may be entitled to a tax credit depending on their thermal performance. In all cases, professional help in making your choice from the wide range of windows and bay windows available can help you save energy.

In summary, if your budget allows it, opting for bay windows whose rails slide inside the walls will allow you to save space. The light will bathe your interior and you will benefit from a breathtaking view of your exteriors.

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