How to choose your roller shutters?

You have decided to change your shutters since they no longer meet your expectations. The market has been very large for several years, so manufacturers have redoubled their efforts to satisfy you thanks to multiple references. 

Rolling shutters are available in several colors

If previously, wood was popular with consumers, this is practically no longer the case. Customers are focusing more on PVC which turns out to be robust, aesthetic and above all very easy to maintain. The roller shutters must therefore adapt perfectly to your facade. The color of the latter should guide you in the choice of colors, but customers have a clear preference for white or gray. 

Connected shutters for maximum comfort

PVC is advantageous since it offers good insulation , if you want to optimize the energy performance of your home, this material is preferable. Roller shutters can also be made of aluminum. They offer two interesting highlights since polyurethane foam has been injected between the slats. This improves both sound and thermal insulation. People who live in a noisy environment generally appreciate this equipment, which serves two purposes. Technology has also entered this market in recent years. You can therefore gain comfort thanks to connected roller shutters installed by professionals .

Control your roller shutters with a simple application 

It is possible to control them with a remote control, a switch or a mobile application. Using a tablet or your Smartphone, you close the shutters you want without moving from your sofa. This is a considerable advantage that appeals to all households, and even seniors. They are thus connected in the same way as the gate, the front door or all the devices likely to make up your household 

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