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Preparing your garden for winter

November is the time to think about preparing your garden for winter. If you don’t do this, you will have to make up for the damage in early spring. It’s never pleasant to see that the lawn has disappeared because you forgot to collect the dead leaves or see certain garden elements break under the effect of frost. To save time and money, it’s time to steel yourself and get to work.

Clean the furniture and the terrace

Whether your garden living room or dining room is made of wood, plastic, metal, earthenware or even resin, this type of garden furniture is relatively poorly resistant to winter temperatures and in particular to frost and humidity. It is therefore imperative to clean them first, then store them in a covered and dry place, otherwise cover them with a special tarpaulin .

Store your wood

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a house with a fireplace, now is the time to bring wood to your home. However, you need to find a dry storage space. Some will be able to put it under a shelter with a tarpaulin which will protect the logs from the rain. Otherwise, you can find a wood storage device from specialists like idmarket for example.

Winterize your plants

Some plants are very fragile and cannot tolerate cold or frost. It is important to bring them inside the house or put them under a veranda. Some plants only need to be protected by a winter cover . On the other hand, certain types of pots, particularly those made from clay, must be placed away from frost and humidity so as not to explode. Don’t forget to collect your leaves and take them to the recycling center, then prune some of your trees to prevent them from taking a bad shape later.

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