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The Glass Roof, Decor Trend Of 2024

The glass roof is emerging as a real trend in 2024 and for years to come. What we like: its industrial, loft, or workshop style; to adapt to all rooms and all environments.

Editor’s choice: Verrière Factory

The editorial team has chosen for you a company specializing in the creation of glass roofs: Verrière Factory. This company offers you custom-made canopies or inexpensive kit canopies. Another quality: they offer more than 200 colors for your interior glass roof: from white glass to black glass, including dark or light colors with different shades of white. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of payment, the site offers you the option of simulating your glass roof using their online quote. Their simulation allows you to visualize your glass roof on a wall with a direct and immersive preview.

Which glass door to choose?

Partition while being transparent: the glass roof multiplies the advantages. It allows you to create an intimate space, a small cocoon, while preserving the circulation of natural light. Another advantage of the glass roof: not everyone has to have the same glass roof. First, you choose your style: workshop, loft or industrial, depending on the number of glazings you want.

Then, we choose the color of our glass roof. The black canopy is a timeless chic classic, but the possibilities for variations are multiplying. A simple glass roof, a glass door, a single or double leaf glass window, the different shapes come together to seduce us; the colors too: black, white, wood, light or dark blue, beige, you can also paint your glass roof yourself.

Where to install a glass roof?

One of the advantages of the glass roof is that it is suitable for any room. In a kitchen, it subtly separates the kitchen from the living room while maintaining visual contact. We also avoid circulating odors throughout the rest of the house.

The glass roof also allows you to create a new space in the same room. Install an office in a living room, a dressing room a bathroom in a bedroom, and a laundry area in a cellar, to create a real entrance hall, … As you have understood, the glass roof is not just a limited choice of possibilities. For a place with a minimum of privacy, you can choose opaque and non-transparent glass, a guaranteed effect.

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