How to decorate your interior with a flag?

Today we are going to see how to decorate the interior of your house using an original and unusual accessory: The flag! Indeed, it is not always easy to decorate the interior of your home and find decorating ideas that are out of the ordinary and reflect your personality. The flag is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of decoration, yet we will see how to best use this tool of unsuspected beauty.

How to display your flag indoors?

We are used to seeing flags hanging on the fronts of houses or windows during Football World Cups, or even simply hanging from a garden pole, fluttering gracefully when there is wind. However, there are a large number of modern and aesthetic ways to display a flag, whether in a living room or in a bedroom.

The first way is childish logic although it can be off-putting since the result can seem Spartan and unaesthetic: hang your flag directly on a wall, preferably white or a dull color like blue. For this it will be necessary to favor a flag with weapons or coats of arms in order to match the colors present with those of the wall in order to bring a form of harmony.

But there are also other arrangements which can really allow you to showcase a beautiful flag, which will add significant charm to your decoration. Some interiors, for example, have exposed beams on which a flag can be hung, freeing up wall space and giving your decoration a little breathing space.

The flag can also be completely redesigned, not as a territorial or cultural symbol but as a work of art. So some prefer to place it in a frame, like a painting, with or without glass. In this case it may be interesting to place another fabric, neutral or painted, in the background in order to give relief to it.

The flag itself can be personalized by artificially aging it or even cutting it to give the illusion of an old standard saved from a battlefield to land directly in your living room! Historical or themed flags like pirates will look great thanks to these small modifications. The ceiling of a bedroom will also be a perfect place to attach a flag but watch out for bedbugs!

Which flag to choose?

It is essential to choose your flag carefully and on this point, you will be spoiled for choice since there are thousands of them, your choice must therefore fall on a flag which represents you, whether it is a flag linked to your history, your origins or more trivially a flag that you love and which reflects one of your passions. The standard that you choose to highlight in your interior will be the first thing your guests will lay their eyes on when arriving in the room, so it is a perfect way to arouse curiosity, start a topic of conversation or learn more about the person who owns it.

In conclusion, choosing the right flag for interior decoration can be a real challenge! Finding an innovative, personal and original decor gives a real plus to your living room, bedroom or any other room in the house. Opting for a flag as a wall decoration also means highlighting your history and your passions!

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