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Is it worth buying a home carpet?

A rug is an item almost certainly found in every home. The reasons for installing a carpet in your home can vary depending on the individual and the uses they make of it are just as varied. Discover with this article the roles that a rug can play and its usefulness in your home.

What are the functions of a carpet?

A rug is a primarily decorative element. Indeed, whatever the use reserved for it, a rug enhances the decor of the room in which it is installed. Just the sight of a rug at the entrance to a room can completely change its atmosphere. It can easily be matched to the decoration of a room or dictate the tone of your other decorative assets.

In addition to the decorative asset it represents, a rug serves, most of the time, at least one additional function. This function is very dependent on the location where your carpet is installed.

Security measure

In an environment where the floor is slippery, a mat can help you prevent a bad fall. This is how we quite often find rugs in showers. These are made of waterproof materials and easily rub against the skin to prevent you from losing your balance. Rugs can also be laid over the tiles to serve this function.

Visitors’ reception

A welcome mat is always a great way to show your consideration for your guests as a host. You can also place marked mats at the entrance to certain rooms to help your guest find their way in case of pressing need. A rug marked “Toilet” can prevent it from getting lost in your hallways.

Instrument of worship

The carpet is also an essential instrument for worship. At home, in your bedroom or in a room dedicated to this purpose, you can install a prayer rug for your moments of contemplation.

Boundary of space

In a room that is too large, a rug can replace a wall and allow you to demarcate the space. Depending on the dimensions of the room and its use, you can even install more than one rug.

The different types of carpets

There are several forms of carpet, each more suitable than the others for certain uses and certain rooms.

Classic rugs

The classic rug is found in endless colors, shapes and sizes. Generally made from wool, it reduces the noise of your footsteps and provides your feet with comfort and softness indoors.

The shaggy rug

The shaggy carpet or long pile carpet is a carpet whose pile is at least 3 cm long. Mainly used outdoors, it is available in the dimensions of your choice. The pile of this rug is woven and treated to give you the best tactile comfort experience. Mats

The mat is a utility mat. Resistant, it provides excellent stability and can serve as support in environments with slippery floors. Mats are very suitable for bathrooms or kitchens  , where water can combine with the tile to play a bad trick on you. They are also very easy to clean (sometimes a wipe is enough) and durable.

The usefulness of a rug is undeniable, and all that remains is your imagination to get the most out of it. If in doubt, you can always refer to your supplier to find out how to best use and maintain your carpets.

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