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The advantages of an Emma Original mattress

The German brand Emma mattress has been on the market for several years. It has continued to amaze consumers with quality products that are offered at competitive prices. This brand has even become one of the references in the field. Among its products, there is the Emma Original mattress, a bed that has especially made the brand’s reputation. This is its first product but also its best-selling flagship product. But why is Emma Original so interesting? Here is information about its different advantages.

Discover Emma Original

The Emma Original mattress promises quality sleep thanks to its different characteristics. This is a bed made in Germany and sold in several European countries including France. It is made of foam with three different layers. These are: Airgocell foam made up of 50% air and measuring 4 cm, memory foam which relieves pressure points and allows sleeping independence of 4 cm and cold foam of 17 cm. The latter brings total firmness to the whole which measures 25 cm in total. It is a product that benefits from Standard Oeko-Tex® 100 certification.

Emma Original has the advantage of being available in several sizes and its price varies depending on this. The smallest versions intended for a single bed cost around 290 euros and the versions intended for an imperial size bed cost around 660 euros.

The Emma Original mattress has a density of 35.12 kg/m3. This density is correct and allows the bedding to have a lifespan of approximately 8 to 10 years depending on use.

The mattress is wrapped in a cover consisting of two parts. The first is white and the second is gray. It can be removed and washed. This therefore helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the bedding. To make transporting the mattress easier, the cover has four large side handles.

Other advantages of this mattress

Like all other products offered by this brand, the Emma Original mattress has a 10-year warranty. Buyers are also entitled to a 100-day trial period after purchasing the product. If they are not satisfied with their purchase, they can request a return during this period and the costs are free. It should be noted that when purchasing, they can use a promo code which allows them to gain a considerable discount. They also have the choice between making the payment once or splitting it into 3 or 4 installments.

In addition, the mattress is delivered in a box offered free of charge by the brand. Its quality is therefore particularly well preserved until it arrives at the buyer’s home.

As for inflation, this can be done quickly. The sleeper can therefore use the bed the same day it is delivered. On average, he can receive his order within 2 to 4 working days after confirmation.

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