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Decorating tips: everything you need to know about wall macramé

The trend has been towards simplicity for several seasons! Whatever the style of your decor, wall macramé always finds a way to blend into the decor with chic, thanks to the diversity of its models, from the most sophisticated to the simplest. A wall macramé is a fabric creation based on a knot technique.

What is wall macramé?

Wall macramé is a fashionable decorative item. Today it is present in our interiors as well as in the world of ready-to-wear. Its natural materials make it an often accessible and inexpensive accessory.

Wall macramé is therefore the art of weaving in knots, of various shapes, sizes and colors. The knots can be flat or raised and vary depending on the model. Thus, a wall macramé is a weaving specially designed to decorate a wall. Wall macramé is intended to be suspended or hung. Its creation does not require a lot of equipment, a pair of scissors and cotton thread are enough. On the other hand, making the knots requires special know-how. If you’ve never done one, you can watch a tutorial. But we advise you to choose the wall macramé of your dreams directly from a specialized store.

Adopting wall macramé in your interior means above all wanting to adopt the ethnic decorative style . Wall macramé will take you on a journey by bringing a holiday feel to your home.

Some decorative ideas with wall macramé

Do you like nature ? Then wall macramé is what you need! It’s a winning combination for a successful natural decoration . Select a hand-woven piece, made from natural fibers such as cotton. There are several ways to use wall macramé to decorate a room in your interior. We offer you some tips to inspire you:

  • For example, you can opt for a wall macramé in the shape of a feather. Choose the macramé colors carefully according to those present on your wall, so as not to overload your color space (3 dominant colors maximum).
  • If you see things in a big way, why not choose an xxl wall macramé? Such a wall hanging will bring character to the room of the house it decorates. More than ever, artisanal quality is essential! Once hung on the wall, you can dress it with a light garland to give it even more pep.
  • Sometimes macramé can be accompanied by a small oak wood shelf which makes it really practical. You can place small plants, books or even decorative objects there.

The advantages of adopting wall macramé

The advantage of a macramé wall tapestry is above all the price. There is something for all budgets.
The other advantage of a wall macramé is that it gives your house or apartment a cocooning atmosphere that is both trendy and warm. At the moment, natural and ethnic decorations are in the spotlight. Wall macramé will easily adapt to all your decorative desires.
Now you know what you have to do, choose the model that will make your home a harmonious and chic space. You will easily find the store capable of meeting your expectations or the tutorial allowing you to create this decorative accessory yourself.

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