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Our makeup tips for beginners

What products should you choose when starting with makeup?

Cosmetics brands offer a wide choice of products and it can seem complicated to navigate. To start applying makeup, opt for light, easy-to-apply textures. Favor nude shades as much as possible for discreet makeup.
Among the essentials to include in your vanity, we can cite:

  • Foundation or tinted day cream;
  • Concealer;
  • The mascaras;
  • Le blush ;
  • The kohl pencil;
  • Eye shadow ;
  • Lip balm or gloss.

Consider purchasing the accessories you need to apply your products, such as foundation brushes or sponges.

Makeup tips for beginners: how to highlight your face?

When you learn to apply makeup, you don’t immediately master all the techniques for applying different products. At first, you will struggle to dose your foundation, for example. To avoid demarcations, opt for a fluid or liquid texture which will be easier to spread. The BB cream presents itself as an excellent compromise when you are starting out.

How to beautify your complexion with makeup when you’re a beginner?

The first step to successful makeup is to beautify the complexion. The principle ? Camouflage small imperfections and harmonize the complexion for a sublimated face. For this, you will need to have a foundation or a BB cream , as well as a concealer . A touch of the latter will help hide traces of fatigue and wake up your eyes.
You can also add a touch of blush to your cheekbones for a guaranteed healthy glow. Here again, you will benefit from a varied choice of colors. To start, go for the softer shades, especially if you have fair skin.
The fact that you are a beginner is not a problem . The main thing will be to select your products carefully. Do not hesitate to seek help from a cosmetics salesperson to find your ideal foundation.

How to choose your skin tone base ?

It’s difficult to choose from the many shades of foundation when you’re new to makeup. To avoid mistakes, you will have to try more  ! Test several shades by applying a thin touch of product to the jawline, on makeup-free skin. You will be able to select the one that is closest to your natural skin tone.
As for the texture, it will depend on your skin type. Choose a cream if you have dry or sensitive skin. A liquid or fluid foundation is best suited to normal and oily skin. To hide the shine effect, finish with a touch of powder foundation.

How to highlight your eyes with makeup products?

The secret to successful beauty lies in eye makeupWhether you want a natural look or a more sophisticated style in the evening, rely on simple tips.
Are you new to makeup and don’t know how to enhance your eyes? As with foundation, the choice of shades is essential. Do you want to put on eyeshadow? You will need to select colors based on the color of your iris and that of your hair. To start, opt for nude effect makeup. Beige and pink tones will guarantee you a natural result.
If you want to add depth to your eyes, apply a darker color to the outer corner of the eyelid. Finish with a light dose of black or brown mascara.

What are the right steps to adopt when starting to wear makeup?

The main advice we can give to makeup beginners is to take care of your skin every day . Always start your beauty treatment with facial cleansing, then use a moisturizing cream treatment.
Also, remember to remove your makeup with products suited to your skin type. There are different solutions such as cleansing milks, micellar waters or cleansing and make-up removing jellies.

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