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How To Choose Men’s Pants?

For us men, the morning is often synonymous with a headache when choosing the pants we are going to wear during the day. However, this basic of the men’s wardrobe comes in many models, materials, and cuts so it is good to know to find the one that will make you look the best. The perfect piece still needs to be present in your wardrobe. In short, how do you choose men’s pants? By considering the morphology of the individual concerned first, then the context second.

Choosing men’s pants considering your body shape

First of all, it is essential to identify your body shape before choosing men’s pants. Yes, unfortunately not all pants suit all silhouettes. For example, a short man should favor fitted cuts that will make him slim, such as or carrot. Conversely, when you are a tall man, it is better to opt for a loose cut, boyfriend style, to balance the proportions.

As for men with a tendency to be overweight, straight pants will be more flattering on them. In any case, quality men’s pants, an item distributed by the designer Izac for example, will be essential to provide effect and hold. In terms of length, we will avoid the 7/8th for small sizes, while older people will opt for the hem. In short, before choosing his pants, a wise man must first listen to his meter!

Pants for any situation: taking context into account

In addition to the morphology, the choice of men’s pants also depends on the context in which you want to wear them. Here are some benchmarks:

For work, suit pants, with straps or belts, are the classic choice. But a nice pair of jeans or chinos will also do the trick depending on the codes in force at your workplace.
It is also these last pieces that we would prefer to wear on the weekend. It’s too much otherwise.

For a formal evening, you can of course wear tuxedo pants and moccasins. But look at how a fashion icon like Zlatan behaves and you’ll see that casual style can also have devastating effects.

You will have understood, that your pants must adapt to each important moment of your life. So, open your mind before opening your wardrobe… And don’t forget that when it comes to clothes, it’s never completely ridiculous to ask a friend for advice…

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