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Professional makeup artist: all the information to remember

What does the job of a professional makeup artist involve?

The professional makeup artist, sometimes called an artistic makeup artist, uses creativity to make her clients look beautiful. Its role depends on the sector in which it operates. In general, the makeup artist’s goal is to enhance people’s faces. In the world of entertainment or cinema, she will also be required to modify the appearance of actors to create characters.
The professional makeup artist works in different fields. Whatever sector she goes into, she will need to have technical knowledge and skills.

What are the missions of a professional makeup artist?

Passionate about the world of beauty, are you planning to become a professional makeup artist? To understand the specificities of this profession, let’s take a look at the missions of a makeup specialist. These will evolve depending on the sector of activity. For example, if you choose to work in a beauty salon, you will need to:

  • Question the customer to find out what she wants;
  • Offer cosmetic products corresponding to your skin type;
  • Determine which shades will suit him best;
  • Provide personalized advice;
  • Perform makeup using appropriate techniques and equipment.

If you are moving towards the artistic field, you will fulfill different missions. In the world of entertainment, you will contribute to the physical creation of the characters. You will have to propose your ideas, taking into account various elements (costume, hairstyle, accessories, etc.).
Finally, your role will consist of enhancing a face using specific makeup techniques.

What qualities and skills are required to become a professional makeup artist?

Before moving into the field of aesthetics, make sure you have the qualities required to succeed in these professions. Indeed, as with all activities, artistic makeup requires innate skills such as:

  • Creativity ;
  • Dexterity;
  • Skill;
  • The taste of contact.

Whether you work in an institute or in the fashion industry, you will need to have interpersonal skills. The makeup artist knows how to listen to her clients to best respond to their requests.
Beyond natural abilities, this profession requires specific knowledge and skills. A makeup specialist is proficient in different techniques, such as contouring and halo. She must be able to perform bridal makeup, corrective makeup or beauty enhancement. She can select the appropriate products based on the nature of the skin and its complexion.
Thanks to her skills, she can also provide advice to her clients on the choice of their cosmetic products.
Several training courses are preparing you for the profession of professional makeup artist. Although it is not mandatory to have a diploma to practice in this field, it is still preferable to train. This allows you to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills.

How to train as a professional makeup artist?

Are you planning to follow a diploma course to become a professional makeup artist? With the Best Training, you prepare for the aesthetic CAP remotely. This solution will help you learn all the basics of the profession by studying our online courses. You can therefore train at your own pace and organize yourself according to your requirements. In addition, you benefit from personalized support from experts. The teachers who carry out the lessons have diplomas and significant experience in the field of aesthetics.
The content of our training in professional makeup corresponds to block 1 of the CAP aesthetic cosmetic perfumery. To validate your course and obtain your certification, you will need to register for the CAP exam as a free candidate.
After having validated your course, your salary will depend on your mission, whether you wish to be independent or work in an institute. Very quickly, this could rise to €2,750 net per month. It all depends on the experiences you have accumulated and the opportunities that may present themselves to you during your career.

What are the job prospects after training in professional makeup?

After obtaining a diploma in the field of aesthetics, you will be able to work as a professional makeup artist in different types of establishments:

  • Beauty Institute ;
  • Perfumery and cosmetics store;
  • World of entertainment, cinema or television;
  • Fashion world (shooting, fashion shows, etc.)

You will also have the opportunity to work as a freelancer. For example, you can offer your services at home or work in the events sector (children’s makeup, weddings, photoshoots, YouTubers, etc.).

Why follow distance training to become a professional makeup artist?

Learning the profession of a professional makeup artist through distance learning has real advantages. This allows you to develop the skills required to practice in this environment. You will discover the techniques to master and will be able to practice by carrying out concrete cases at your own pace.
From a practical point of view, you will have the possibility of following all courses remotely. You thus eliminate the constraints linked to travel and retain your freedom. Finally, the courses we deliver are eligible for the CPF and available for life. You can use your available rights to finance all or part of your training.

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