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Makeup for green eyes: our professional tips

What colors should you choose for green eye makeup?

Green eyes are naturally beautiful: light or dark, the latter are rather rare, and it is common for women to not know how to best highlight them. 
To choose the colors that best suit your eye makeup, you can use a color wheel to help you. It is recommended that when using this wheel, you opt for eyeshadow colors that are opposite shades to your client’s eyes. 
Thus, green eye makeup with pink, purple, or even violet colors will be ideal, because the latter will strengthen the color of the iris while emphasizing the look. On the contrary, you should avoid using eye shadow with colors similar to those of your client’s eyes. To do this, avoid the use of colors such as green, yellow, or even blue. Brown should also be avoided, especially in a dark shade, as it risks darkening the look. If your client wants to wear green eyeshadow, opt for a very dark color.
The colors to favor for green eye makeup can be found in mascara, as well as for eye shadow. Avoid the total look, especially for natural makeup. You can, however, opt for black mascara and plum eyeshadow, or even for dark pink mascara, without using eyeshadow.

What makeup for green eyes should you choose every day?

Daily, green eye makeup can be applied in several ways. If your client wishes to achieve a natural beauty look, you can play with an eyeshadow palette in soft tones: aged pink and peach will then be ideal shades. Distribute the shadow on the mobile eyelid, integrating, if you wish, a slight gradient where the lighter shades will be applied to the inner corner of the eye. Finally, highlight your client’s eyes with a black mascara.
Explain to your client that green eye makeup is always more highlighted if it is accompanied by red lipstick. Indeed, this shade is opposite to that of green eyes, which allows them to be highlighted markedly. This combination is ideal for a daytime look that can also follow your client during an evening with friends. 
Of course, pretty green eye makeup must be accompanied by an enhancement of your client’s complexion. As always, don’t forget to choose a foundation that is perfectly suited to her skin tone, and if you wish, explain the basics of contouring to your client.
You can, of course, apply a little blush to your client’s cheekbones. Indeed, women with green eyes often have pale skin: if this is the case, applying a light veil of blush to the cheeks will brighten the complexion.

How to do green eye makeup for a special occasion?

For special occasions, the color palette that can be used for green eye makeup expands a little. In this case, you can afford to create a more offbeat make-up, while taking great care to opt for suitable colors. 
Don’t hesitate to create a smoky eye using a pencil and dark eyeshadow. Green eyes lend themselves particularly well to this exercise, as do blue eyes. However, avoid the “panda” effect which could give your client an overly busy look. Attention to eyelashes will also need to be taken care of. For smoky green eye makeup, don’t hesitate to brighten up a dark smoky eye with gold or silver mascara: on the nail side, we’ll prefer to opt for nude shades, to avoid looking too busy.
You can also choose to make up your client with a pastel smoky eye: this version is easier to wear, and is more compatible with major events such as weddings for example. 
In all circumstances, do not hesitate to rework the shape of your client’s eyebrows, to open up her eyes by subtly emphasizing them. She will be delighted to see how well-shaped eyebrows will highlight her face!

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