Motorcycle: No Compromise On Safety

Because motorcycles do not have a body, it is necessary to be well equipped on the road. Your safety depends on it. Even when driving at moderate speed, your safety remains as uncertain as that of a motorist. All the more reason to protect yourself as much as possible by wearing suitable clothing and equipment. But not just any ones! Focus above all on quality.

For the moment, the law only imposes three mandatory pieces of equipment on two-wheel drivers. To optimize your safety on the road, you can supplement them with additional equipment. Be careful, it is important to prioritize the quality of your equipment when you are a motorcyclist , whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Choose the best brands on the market to drive safely all year round.

Mandatory equipment

The strictly obligatory equipment for using a motorcycle is the helmet, gloves and yellow vest. The regulations in force essentially recommend the wearing of approved equipment , that is to say conforming to the European quality and safety standards in force.


Wearing a helmet is not just an act of common sense. This is also a legal obligation by the Highway Code. It concerns both drivers and passengers of two-wheelers. If you do not comply with these regulations, you risk a fine ranging from 90 euros to 750 euros, as well as a withdrawal of 3 points from your license. The helmet provides optimal head protection, whatever the circumstances. In the event of an accident, for example, the slightest shock can lead to serious injuries and head trauma.


According to article R.431-1-2 of the Highway Code, if you do not wear gloves, you risk a 3rd class fine . This is equivalent to a fine ranging from 68 euros to 180 euros. Added to this is a deduction of 1 point on your motorcycle driving license.

Above all, gloves help reduce hand contact with bitumen, asphalt or tar, especially in the event of a fall. You will certainly have noticed that we often place our hands in front to absorb shock. This is why wearing gloves is essential. These accessories protect your hands from possible injuries. They will also be useful to you when winter sets in. The rule is simple: the thicker and more rigid the gloves , the better protection they offer. You will easily find models adapted to your body shape in specialized stores.

The yellow vest

The yellow vest is more commonly known as a “high visibility vest”. According to Decree No. 2015-514, you are free to choose the color you prefer. So, contrary to what you might think, a high visibility vest for bikers does not necessarily have the color yellow. However, your equipment must meet the following standards :

  • EN 471 (fluorescent fabric and retroreflective material),
  • EN 1150.

Not all motorcycle equipment is mandatory. On the other hand, we strongly recommend them to maximize your security .

The jacket

Today there are different models of motorcycle jackets. However, leather motorcycle jackets remain the most popular. They provide optimum protection against the cold. Their resistance and robustness also guarantee better safety in the event of falls, slips and road accidents.

Leather is a material that resists abrasion extremely well. Then, its great waterproofness protects you from any form of humidity. It must also be admitted, it remains timeless in terms of looks and trends. Without forgetting that leather is a durable material.


To ride safely, invest in good quality motorcycle pants. As with the jacket, leather motorcycle pants are the best option. It protects you better in the event of a fall, reducing the risk of injury and/or scratches.

On the current market, you will also find motorcycle denim pants. They are effective. On the other hand, you will have to wear them twice to avoid being cold. Little tip: rather than buying two denim motorcycle pants, invest in leather motorcycle pants , which turn out to be safer.


Never underestimate the benefits of this protective equipment. There is nothing more effective in protecting your feet and ankles from the possible risks of sprains or fractures in the event of a fall. But not only that, boots also guarantee a certain level of comfort , especially when driving in cold weather or snowy weather.


Yes, today there are indeed motorcycle suits equipped with an airbag. The operating system of this device is based on a simple principle: when you are propelled into the air, your airbag inflates , thus absorbing the shock.

Here is a concrete testimony: in England, in South Yorkshire, in April 2019, a motorcyclist was thrown 5 meters high after being hit by a motorist who was driving on the wrong side of the road, in a Subaru . The latter entered the turn incorrectly. The motorcyclist landed on the asphalt, 30 meters away. Despite all this, he is still alive thanks to his suit equipped with an airbag.

The importance of good motorcycle equipment

Whether for a short or long journey, it is essential to be well equipped before getting on your motorcycle. Of course, being well equipped is expensive. However, you will be guaranteed to be completely safe on the road. Here are some undeniable advantages of quality motorcycle equipment.

Better protection

Are you a motorcyclist or biker? When you wear full motorcycle gear, you significantly increase your chances of survival on a motorcycle, especially in the event of an accident. Be careful though, it is not enough to wear full equipment. These must also be of quality , and above all certified. Approved motorcycle equipment ensures increased resistance to tears, abrasion and possible perforations.

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