How To Prepare Your Track Motorcycle For A Competition?

You have trained hard, your driving is impeccable, and you have prepared yourself physically. It is therefore time to concentrate on the bike because it must be ready on time to take on the slopes. The goal is to improve engine performance by initiating transformations using inexpensive equipment and ending in particular with reprogramming. Focus on the best techniques for preparing your racing motorcycle for a competition.

Call on a professional track motorcycle trainer

The first thing to do when improving your racing motorcycle is to check (or even replace) faulty elements of the braking system. The main focus will be on the pads, hoses and brake fluid.

Even if you have basic mechanical knowledge, it would still be wise to work with a professional to prepare a track motorcycle in the best conditions. A serious expert can improve the capabilities of your motorcycle to obtain better performance from your vehicle. What’s more, this option is a guarantee of safety on the circuit and ensures that you can drive your two-wheeler without risk .

New pads for better braking power

The pads are the first thing to check when you have a competition coming up. Obviously, the ideal would be to replace them with “racing” type pads which are made to withstand the high temperatures generated by heavy braking on a circuit. It goes without saying that quality equipment such as EBC HH Extrême, Brembo SC or Carbone Lorraine XBK5 pads contribute to improving the rider’s comfort and performance. Remember, however, that racing pads are not recommended for road use.

Aviation hoses to avoid spongy braking

Aviation hoses are preferred simply because they are surrounded by a metal sheath. This detail is provided to avoid expansion of the hoses under the pressure and heating generated during braking. By opting for this type of hoses, you will avoid slow braking . Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing brake lever clearance. So, if your track motorcycle is one of the older models, do not hesitate to invest in aviation type hoses.

Brake fluid, the logical next step

For optimal braking capacity, servicing the pads and hoses must systematically lead to replacement of the brake fluid. We must not forget that this liquid has the role of absorbing ambient humidity. As you brake, the fluid heats up and emits water vapor, which affects its quality and braking performance. So, prefer brake fluids that resist high temperatures well. However, purges will need to be planned regularly.

Better air intake to gain power

In addition to a performance braking system, the track motorcycle trainer will suggest improving the air intake. This initiative will indeed be necessary to gain power. The idea is to use a universal (conical) air filter or a high flow air filter. On the other hand, you should expect fuel consumption to be higher than usual. You can always rely on the expertise of a professional who will know how to adjust the air screw to optimize the air-fuel mixture. He will know how to make the right adjustments to improve the performance of your vehicle.

Ignition, required modifications

Modifications to the ignition are also part of the program when preparing a track motorcycle . This step is even essential on Chinese brand models which generally have a very low cam angle. As a result, when you go to very high speeds, the stability will no longer be the same because of vibrations and possible tremors.

The professional technician will undoubtedly recommend NGK iridium spark plugs since they are known to produce strong sparks. At the same time, they reduce fuel consumption and ultimately promote a considerable increase in power.

Modify the exhaust to optimize air outlet

As part of preparing your track bike for competition, it is often necessary to slightly modify the exhaust. The operation therefore consists of making small holes on the exhaust pipe in order to optimize the air outlet . Don’t worry, the aesthetics of your exhaust will be preserved. It is even allowed to make as many holes as necessary to gain power and incidentally to significantly reduce the noise generated by the exhaust.

Boost the carburetor

To improve the performance of your track motorcycle , a professional and serious trainer will check the carburetor bore. Remember that a 29 or 30mm diameter carburetor is more suitable for optimizing the power of your racing motorcycle and improving your time. You will notice much better acceleration. In addition, if your budget allows it, consider replacing your carburetor with a better quality model.

The chassis and cockpit of the motorcycle

An increase in power systematically implies a reduction in driving comfort. Therefore, to make the driver more comfortable, the trainer will propose the installation of rear controls for better ground clearance. And regarding the cockpit, remember to open the angle of the half handlebars in order to gain a few more degrees. Thus, the lever arm will be optimized for countersteering.

In addition, the tank grips improve sporty driving since they hold the knees perfectly during hip movements. As for the handlebar cuffs, surround them with rubber which will be fixed with wire. Also bring a pair of polyester fairings, protections for the ignition cards, protection pads or even a carbon clutch.

Finally, road tires in excellent condition can do the job very well, but, ideally, opt for structured sports tires like the Dunlop D211, the Michel Power Cup or even the Pirelli SuperCorsa.

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