How Does A Robotic Lawn Mower Work?

Do you love nature, but you can’t say the same about your days spent mowing your lawn as best as possible while trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to annoy your neighbors? Mowing the lawn is important to have a pleasant, weed-free lawn, but can be tedious.

This is why a tool is starting to become widespread in homes: the robot lawn mower. This is capable of maintaining your lawn without you having to do anything. But how does it work? What are the expected performances? Here are the answers to your questions.

The price of a robot lawn mower

Prices vary depending on build quality and performance. Remember that a budget of €1500 seems to be the norm. While there are entry-level models priced at €1000, their performance could disappoint you.

It is therefore not an investment to be made lightly. Make sure the operation suits you, and keep in mind that for it to be really useful, a robot lawn mower must be used very regularly.

We advise you to consult buyer comments as well as comparisons of the best robot lawn mowers , such as that carried out by for example.

The robot lawn mower: an autonomous electric device for the lawn

The first thing to know is that the autonomous robot lawn mower runs on battery power. It is systematically provided with a charging station. This has several consequences on how it is used and its effectiveness.

The first is that you need to pay attention to battery life. The autonomy of a robot lawn mower is not extremely important, the device being able to recharge itself and continue its mission without you having to intervene. On the other hand, you must choose one adapted to the size of your land.

In fact, the more frequently the battery is discharged and recharged, the less your product will last in the long term. You should therefore remember to check the areas recommended by the manufacturers to avoid an unpleasant surprise. You can find robot lawn mowers suitable for areas up to just over 10,000 m².

What are the advantages of the robot lawn mower?

The advantages of the robot lawn mower are not complicated to understand:

  • He works alone.
  • It doesn’t make any noise.
  • It gets rid of mowing waste autonomously.

You will have understood: it can be used at any time, even when your neighbors are at home, you do not have to make any effort and you do not have to do anything after it has passed. But in practice, how is this possible?

The key element: the boundary wire

The boundary wire is what will allow you to define the desired mowing area. Concretely, the sensors of the robot lawn mower, when they detect this cable, drive the device in another direction.

The principle is therefore very simple: you place this cable around the area to be mowed, ensuring that there will be no obstacles that will hinder the robot, and all you have to do is turn it on. It will move within the defined space without leaving it until you change the position of the wire.

Why is the robotic lawnmower completely autonomous?

You may be wondering why there is nothing you can do. After all, you have to recharge this electric robot, right? You are right. But he knows how to do it alone thanks to another element provided: the guide cable.

It’s a cable that goes to the charging station, and that the robot can detect when the batteries are low. He will then simply follow him until returning to the station. You don’t even have to think about it.

How come there is no mowing waste?

It’s simple. The robotic mowers directly expel what has been cut to form a sort of mulch. Mulch is organic waste that helps protect the soil and facilitate the development of bacterial life necessary for its good quality.

It is also a natural way to maintain your exterior which reduces your need to use chemicals and water. Even if, in the case of robot mowers, the effectiveness of mulching remains modest.

What is the trajectory of a robot lawn mower?

A robotic lawnmower moves randomly in the space delimited by the peripheral cable. He can therefore sometimes return to a place he has already taken care of, or miss another quite often. This is why the mowing time for a good result can reach 12 hours, or even much more for very large areas.

My land is steep, can I still use this robot to mow?

Yes ! However, you may need to make a slightly larger financial investment. There are models capable of handling slopes of up to 40°. So don’t panic if your garden is a little steep. However, be aware that the battery will run out faster.

We hope that this article has allowed you to better understand how robot lawn mowers work. For safe and optimal use, it is important to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers, in particular the sections devoted to starting up and maintaining the device.

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