Jewelry and Personality: What the Jewelry You Wear Says

The jewelry we choose to wear is an expression of our tastes, of our way of presenting ourselves to people and of the way we want to enhance ourselves. There are women who like to change their jewelry every day, depending on the look and colors of the clothes of the day, there are those who always like to keep the same combinations or those who still wear jewelry only for occasions. This aspect applies to jewelry but also to  watches  . There is no good or bad choice, it is part of each person’s personality.

In this article, we want to find out if the jewelry you wear every day really reflects the way you are or if it’s time for a change.

Earrings, simple rings, chokers and casual watches

Women who wear these types of jewelry are very practical people, they often have a hectic and lively life and do not seek much luxury.
They love to wear  cat earrings  with  lobe or headband so as not to bother the day.
They are discreet people, who do not like to show themselves but want to enhance themselves with neutral elements, with which it is difficult to go wrong.

Large earrings, colorful bracelets and rings and jewelry watches

This type of jewelry is the favorite of sparkling and self-confident women. The colors and size, in fact, help to bring out the most playful and fun part of the personality.
They love to change their look often by combining jewelry as an accessory and are very attentive to the latest trends. 

Personalized jewelry

Women who seek out and wear customizable or custom jewelry on a daily basis are very sociable people and want to communicate something about themselves.

They are also very thoughtful and like to carry everywhere not only something that represents themselves but also their affections and values. The customization of jewelry also shows an original touch that sets them apart, a desire to be unique.

Does the jewelry you wear suit your character or is it time to try wearing a piece of jewelry that fits your personality more?

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