How to Check the House (and Answer the Postman) Even on Vacation

Going away on vacation is always a joy, but locking up the house always leaves a little anxiety.  The fear that thieves might enter  is a common fear, but other situations are also worrying, such as a power cut that puts what is in the freezer at risk  or when the postman arrives  with an urgent message and does not find you.

Fortunately, technology comes to our rescue with a series of  solutions that are easy to install  and manage even for those who are not very familiar with digital devices.

The first category of products for sleeping peacefully is webcams.

In fact, surveillance cameras allow you to check what is happening in the house  even if you are miles away . There are many types, with functions and prices for every need.  The minimum cost starts at a few dozen euros  and can go up to a few hundred for the most robust solutions.

The things to keep in mind when choosing a surveillance camera are few but essential: you have to decide whether you need a webcam that works by plugging into the electrical outlet or a  model equipped with a battery  ; whether it should record on a memory card or directly on the network in the cloud; whether it should be placed indoors or outdoors; whether it only needs to offer a fixed view or whether it is necessary for it to move to see more areas of a room.

Obviously,  the main requirement is that a wifi network is available  that allows you to connect remotely and send notifications when needed. All surveillance cameras are in fact equipped with  a motion detection system  . If someone enters the monitored space, the camera immediately sends  an alert message to the user  ‘s smartphone   .

With a device like the  TP-Link Tapo C-200,  the starting cost is really low, less than 30 euros. It offers the advantage of having a digital eye that moves left and right, up and down, and that  allows you to talk remotely  as if it were an intercom, also useful for talking to a pet left alone at home. A possible alternative that provides an advanced online recording system is the  Nest Cam Indoor  , which is also attractive in its design.

Amazon Blink products   are also quite competitive, which can also be purchased in modular packs of 2/3 or 4 cameras. Compact and easy to install, they  work on battery  . The convenience of not depending on the power cable also characterizes the  D-Link DCS  ‑2802KT kit   consisting of two webcams and a control unit also equipped with an audible alarm.

If, on the other hand, the product must be placed outdoors, an interesting proposition is  the Netatmo smart outdoor camera with siren  . In the event of an intrusion, a powerful light comes on and a  105 decibel siren  is activated .  The Arlo Go  can also be positioned outdoors, which compared to all other products has a distinctive element: it  works even without wifi  .

Inside, in fact, a sim phone is placed and using the data network it can be  installed really anywhere  , perhaps even in the garage or in places where there is no internet coverage. An obvious convenience such as that ensured by smart doorbells .

How many times has it happened that the postman, a neighbor, a friend rings the doorbell without finding you? Maybe you were just waiting for an urgent registered letter. Smart doorbells such as the  Ring Video Doorbell 3  are equipped with a video camera and an audio communication system.

When someone rings your doorbell, your smartphone quickly alerts you and not only tells you who is there, but also allows you to talk remotely as if you were at home. Giving instructions to the postman or hearing what the neighbor has to say becomes child’s play.

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