How To Highlight The Decoration Of An Outdoor Space

The aesthetics of the outdoor space of a public place is one of the most important aspects and the main element that first catches the attention of customers. A well-thought-out design of the outdoor space is one of the factors that determine the growth of the place, making your business more profitable. Especially as summer approaches, it is necessary to make the outdoor space comfortable, and elegantly pleasant, devoting the same care and attention to it as to the indoor space. It is important to give the outdoor space a design that harmonizes well with the identity of the place.

The right enhancement equals the right choice of functional criteria, a winning equation that gives your customers the opportunity to stop and enjoy the outdoor space in a pleasant way.

But what are these criteria?

Depending on the type of place, its location and the relevance you want to give it, you can consider choosing suitable outdoor furniture, such as chairs and tables with the right outdoor materials and umbrellas.

The ideal parasols for perfect outdoor furniture

Outdoor umbrellas  can be of different shapes and sizes, with different types of fabrics and opening systems: traditional, crank, double pulley, as well as a different structure with a side or central mast. Finally, depending on the different requirements of wanting to make the umbrella stable, or repositionable, it is necessary to evaluate the material of the structure, which can be aluminum, or wood. 

The choice of the  RIALTO outdoor parasols line   is perfect, with materials of great prestige, ideal for outdoors, which guarantee durability even in the most adverse weather conditions. It is a modular system with a modern look, which gives the possibility of covering large areas, with the remarkable characteristic of leaving the central space free, thus guaranteeing you greater comfort of use.

This type of umbrella is characterized by inclined masts with an elliptical section. Their design system allows them to be combined with other modules; the ideal choice for hotels, restaurants and bars with considerable outdoor space.

The innovative structure allows it to be easily closed by means of a special mechanism, the convenience of the inclination allows to have shade at any time of the day.

The structure is designed to take up very little space thanks to a single central pole on which two umbrellas are fixed. These special umbrellas are made of solid aluminum structures, which have a great aesthetic and functional value; designed to be used in commercial activities, they are also available with a structure that allows them to be anchored to other umbrellas with a single support.

There are also umbrellas with a central pole and with a side arm. The first, functional and versatile, are made of wood and aluminum, as well as frames available in different colors and weights.

SCHATTELLO parasols with central pole,   their resistant structure in high quality extruded alloyed aluminium profiles of European manufacture, they are the perfect solution for use above tables and chairs in places such as bars, pizzerias and restaurants, thanks to their functional and safe opening and closing system.

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