The Main Failures That Can Be Encountered On A Pc

The world has evolved a lot and today PCs are an integral part of our daily lives whether at work or at home. For some, they even represent a real livelihood. However, even if this computer device is a very valuable object, it is not immune to breakdowns. It is therefore important to have some knowledge on the subject in order to know how to react at the right time. This article provides information on the main computer breakdowns that we encounter today.

The slowness of the computer

It is important to understand that all computer-related problems, other than those caused by a manufacturing error, always start with a lack of maintenance of the computer tool. In the case of a slow PC, it is not only the maintenance of the physical components, but also the software and file storage space. Indeed, a computer loses processing speed if it is overloaded. If you have too many unnecessary files on your hard drive, which is fragmented into several compartments and also lacks storage space, it is very likely that your computer is working slowly. There are also certain programs, viruses or spyware that can monopolize the computer’s resources and slow it down to the maximum. It is then advisable to regularly carry out maintenance operations such as emptying the recycle bin and deleting files that you no longer find useful. However, if this problem becomes more and more recurrent, you should  have your computer repaired  by a professional.

Virus and spyware problems

Viruses and spyware are usually created by malicious people. They have the ability to ruin your life when they install themselves on your computer. They are often contracted while surfing the net or copying compromised files. So be careful when sharing data with friends or colleagues. Far from being passive on the PC, viruses attack your files in different ways. Some duplicate them, others delete them without your knowledge. Fortunately, there are antiviruses to secure computers. Spyware is predestined for spying. Discreetly installed on your PC, their work consists of copying your data in real time and making a copy to the creator of the spyware. However, they manifest themselves through pop-up advertising windows that frequently appear during your surfing on the internet. If you suspect any presence of viruses or spyware, immediately contact a technician specialized in  computer maintenance . He will help you solve the problem effectively.

The wifi connectivity problem

It is very common to notice a disruption in the wifi connection between your PC and your ADSL box. With a HS wifi card, a driver or a damaged system, you may find yourself without access to the wifi connection. But this may not necessarily be due to a malfunction in your devices. The wifi radio wave transmission mode can be hindered by thick walls, microwave ovens operating on the same frequency and even your neighbors’ boxes.

The black screen problem

Having a black screen problem means being faced with a situation where images are not being transmitted to your monitor. This problem is usually the result of a  hardware malfunction . This hardware may be the screen itself, the motherboard, power supply, etc. In short, given the usefulness of computers in our daily lives today, it is clear that no breakdown should be taken lightly and it is advisable to find a rather lasting solution to remedy it. 

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