Why Are Bluetooth Intercoms Becoming More And More Popular?

We will find out why Bluetooth intercoms are increasingly loved and appreciated by motorcyclists year after year.


What is a Bluetooth intercom? It is simply an accessory integrated into your jet helmet for example which allows motorcyclists to communicate with their passenger, listen to music or even talk on the phone. Other features exist and differ depending on the model. It is recommended to use a motorcycle intercom comparison , you will save time since their objective is to compare different models from different brands according to their advantages, their prices and their qualities.

The advantages of a motorcycle intercom

There are many benefits in addition to the features mentioned above. Here they are:

  • An intercom adds a touch of aesthetics to your helmet.
  • This accessory has a safer side. Why? Easily because everything is done so that you keep your eyes on the road. Whether it is through GPS instructions, or even a call that you receive. You will arrive at your destination and chat on the phone without ever having to put your hand in your pocket or stop on the side of the road. Although not everyone is of the same opinion regarding safety, but you just have to stay focused on the road and not turn the volume up so that no danger related to the intercom can surprise you.
  • You will avoid taking lysopaine. And yes, you will not need to shout and therefore break your voice to make yourself understood.

Which brand to choose?

It depends on you, but there are indeed some brands known for their quality models like Cardo, Sena or Lexin. There are others of course like Dexter, Midland… which are very interesting. Don’t hesitate to look at customer reviews before taking a model and especially try to favor an e-commerce site specialized in motorcycle equipment like Motoblouz . Why? Because with this site, you have the possibility of returning your product up to 2 years after purchase. Which gives you plenty of time to try and judge for yourself the quality of your purchase.


Since some bikers discovered this accessory that was little known a few years ago, they can no longer do without it. Being able to listen to music and talk to your fellow bikers without shouting makes things easier and makes rides much more enjoyable. We clearly can no longer do without it.

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