Vehicle Maintenance: With These 3 Tips, Nothing Can Go Wrong

In winter, salt and moisture put a strain on the floor panels. In the event of falling stones or contact with the ground, the protective layer can also be damaged. Salt and water then have free rein and can cause damage to the vehicle.
The best protection against scratches and other damage is a layer of wax. Before and during the winter, it is recommended to visit a car wash. Choose a suitable program.
As a general rule, if water does not bead up on the paint, the wax layer must be renewed!

Tip #2: In spring, watch out for pollen dust and bird droppings.

Spring is bird season. Bad luck for those who park under a tree where they nest, because bird droppings contain acid. Not only are they unsightly, they can also become embedded in the paint. While you can easily remove a single spot of droppings yourself, a larger infestation is a different matter. If your vehicle has suffered a real bird attack, you should quickly call in professional help.
To ensure that the dust has no chance, the interior must be cleaned regularly.

Tip 3: Don’t neglect cleaning the interior

The interior of your vehicle should also be cleaned regularly. Choose a large, free space for this purpose so that you can devote yourself to cleaning the interior of your car in peace and quiet and with care.
Clean the floor mats and vacuum your car to remove dirt; choose a product that has proven itself and allows you to carry out this operation particularly effectively and thoroughly. The dashboard also needs regular cleaning. To remove dirt and dust, use microfibre cloths.

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