Electric mobility: the advantages of electric cars

How many times have you heard… Walking is less polluting! It’s as true as a snub. Recently, many measures have been taken to reduce gas emissions into the air as much as possible, in order to improve air quality and have a positive impact on the environment.
Today, in our blog, we talk about electric mobility and electric cars!

What is electric or sustainable mobility?

We talk about sustainable mobility as a set of transport measures that we implement and that involve a very low or zero impact on emissions in the environment. Currently, this type of mobility has become very important, which is why we are increasingly seeing the promotion of actions such as: the use of public transport to reduce pollution, the promotion of the use of bicycles or, if we go a little further, electric vehicles that are beginning to gain momentum throughout the country.

This alternative to combustion cars, we can see that it is booming because it is much more respectful of the environment, as well as the health of citizens. It thus becomes a fundamental ally against respiratory diseases due to air pollution.

What are the advantages of an electric car?

You have surely seen them in many places and you have understood their main advantages.
First of all, it does not produce any emissions. Since it runs on electricity, it drives the car when it is moving and therefore does not consume fuel, which means that it pollutes less, if at all.
They have fewer breakdowns. That is what you have read. Electric vehicles have fewer mechanical failures, which means that you have to go to the garage less often.
They require practically no maintenance. Apart from the wearing parts that need to be replaced, this type of vehicle only requires maintenance of the batteries and the electric motor. So forget about filter changes, oil changes, strollers, etc.
It is more economical. A reality and a truth like a temple. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.
Driving comfort. This type of vehicle is much quieter than combustion vehicles. In addition, they are usually automatic and therefore do not have the traditional gear change. Driving is therefore much more comfortable.

We have had the pleasure of seeing many visitors whose mobility has been carried out with electric cars, from brands such as Tesla, BMW, Hyunday and we could not be happier. Brands that are currently innovating to continue offering the same comfort and driving safety, but with much more sustainable emissions.
We encourage you to do your part so that together we can live in a much more sustainable world.

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