New car smell is dangerous, study finds

Of course, not everyone exposed to this type of odor mixture will necessarily suffer from it. However, it could increase the risks. 

This study, conducted by the University of California at Riverdale, aimed to discover all those everyday objects that could have carcinogenic properties. And, of course, new cars could not be missing. 

In fact, the smell that some people like so much, while for others it is very annoying, is due to a principle of degassing.

The materials used in interiors also end up – it must be said – in the air and mix to create that smell that can be perceived for weeks after buying a new car.

The two main culprits are benzene and formaldehyde. Both of these compounds are on a list of 65 carcinogens and are present at abnormally high levels in some cars.

Possible solutions to the problem

Of course, not everyone exposed to this type of odor mixture necessarily suffers from it. 

However, this could increase the risks. Faced with this possibility, several solutions are being considered. These include changing the materials used by car manufacturers. Of course, such a measure cannot be done overnight, but if this study gains momentum. It would therefore be an alternative to be seriously studied.

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