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Wireless home alarm, the practical and safe solution to install

Until a few years ago, installing an effective alarm system required that each security device be connected to the power supply and to the control panel, in order to be able to be used over time without any problems. Today, the situation has changed, especially thanks to devices with wireless technology, i.e. without cables.

A wireless home burglar alarm does not require any cables connected to the mains, as each individual device has an internal battery for power and can be connected to the control panel or the home internet without having to connect any wires.

The advantages of a wireless burglar alarm

The first advantage of this type of system is that the installation does not require masonry work, since each element of the system does not need wires. It is therefore a home burglar alarm without wires in the walls, for the installation of which it would be necessary to create a space dedicated to the alarm system, which would require several hours of work. It goes without saying that choosing a wireless burglar alarm also allows you to reduce installation costs, since it is faster and has minimal impact on the structure of the house. Over time, adding cameras or sensors to the system already installed is also easier and simpler.

Finally, a traditional alarm is more easily manipulated by thieves, who can simply cut the power supply cable or the cable connecting the sensors to the control panel: with a wireless alarm, this is not possible.

Choosing a wireless home burglar alarm

Today, there are many models of wireless burglar alarms on the market to choose from, but to be able to do so accurately, it is important to contact experts in the field who can recommend the most appropriate security solutions based on specific needs. The choice may vary depending on the type of home where the various devices are to be installed, but also on the area where the property is located, the size and number of entrances to the outside. An ideal installation for a small house in the suburbs will necessarily be different from that of an apartment located on the top floor of a building in the city center. The important thing is that the system is efficient and effective: in this regard, wireless burglar alarms are always the best choice.

Other wireless alarm options

A wireless home alarm system usually consists of motion detectors to monitor windows and doors, connected to a control unit with a siren. As soon as it detects movement within its range or a window is opened, the system sounds the siren to attract the attention of the owner, neighbors or the police. Installing a wireless home burglar alarm with cameras also allows events to be recorded and tracked over time.

Today, it is also possible to benefit from additional services related to the alarm system. For maximum security, choose the home burglar alarm that also offers the connection of the burglar alarm system to an operational center active 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In fact, this type of protection allows to alert not only the owner of the house, but also the operational center, where a security guard checks the alarm and can send the alert directly to a group of security guards and to the police if necessary.

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